Events in Ascot for Elderly People

10 Senior-Friendly Activities in Ascot that Provide Opportunities for Socialisation and Community Enrichment

Here at Home Instead Ascot, we believe that experiences contribute to the well-being of our elderly community. In this blog post, we’ve put together a list of 5 events in Ascot that contribute to the quality of life for your elderly loved ones. From cultural outings to social gatherings, let’s explore the diverse range of activities that make Ascot an enriching place for our elderly residents.

A Day at the Ascot Race Courses

Ascot Racecourses, renowned for their elegance and prestige, offer a perfect backdrop for a memorable day out with your elderly loved one. Whether it’s the thrill of the races or the ambiance of the surroundings, a day at the Ascot Races promises a delightful experience. Enjoy the excitement together and relish the timeless charm of this iconic venue.

Ascot Scrabble Club

For those who appreciate the allure of words and strategic thinking, the Ascot Scrabble Club in Ascot provides an ideal setting. Engage in friendly competition, stimulate the mind, and forge connections with fellow word enthusiasts. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your elderly loved one to enjoy the intellectual camaraderie that the Scrabble Club offers.

Ascot Leisure Club

The Ascot Leisure Club serves as a hub for the elderly, offering a diverse range of activities aimed at promoting an active lifestyle. From insightful guest speakers to tailored exercises, this club provides a welcoming space for seniors to not only stay physically active but also to connect with like-minded individuals. Explore the schedule and encourage your loved one to join in the enriching experiences.

Ascot Shed

Ascot Shed is a local community initiative that encourages skill-sharing and community engagement. It’s a place where locals, including the elderly, can come together to practice and share their skills or simply connect with like-minded individuals. The camaraderie fostered in this creative space adds a unique layer to the vibrant social fabric of Ascot.

Sunningdale Bowling Club

Sunningdale Bowling Club warmly welcomes both members and visitors. Engage in the leisurely yet rewarding activity of lawn bowling, where the focus is not just on the game but on the connections forged on the green. It’s a wonderful opportunity for your elderly loved one to enjoy the outdoors, meet new people, and revel in the camaraderie of this friendly club.

To ensure that you or your loved ones have the support needed to make the most of these events and activities, consider exploring our tailored Companionship care packages. Our team of excellent care professionals provides personalised assistance, ensuring that your elderly loved one can enjoy activities out of the house with confidence and peace of mind. If you’re interested please call 01276 903106