A Day at the Ascot Races with Your Elderly Loved One

The Royal Ascot may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go to the races! Here’s some handy tips for visiting Ascot Racecourse with your elderly loved one.

Choose the Right Event

When planning a day at the Ascot races with your elderly loved one, opt for a regular race day instead the more extravagant ones such as the Royal Ascot. Regular race days offer a more intimate and less overwhelming environment, allowing you both to fully enjoy the experience. With smaller crowds and a relaxed atmosphere, they can comfortably engage with the races and savour the excitement without feeling rushed or stressed.

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Check for Accessibility

Ascot Racecourse takes accessibility seriously, offering a range of support such as wheelchairs for hire. Look for designated seating areas with unobstructed views of the racecourse, wheelchair-accessible ramps, and conveniently located accessible restrooms. Confirming these facilities in advance will provide your loved one with the comfort and ease they deserve, allowing them to fully participate in the event. By proactively addressing accessibility needs, you create a thoughtful and inclusive experience, ensuring that you both can fully embrace the excitement and joy of the races.

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Plan Transportation

Thoughtful transportation arrangements are essential to ensure a stress-free day at the Ascot races for your elderly loved one. Consider their comfort and convenience when deciding how you get to the venue. If driving, look for disabled parking areas closer to the entrance for easier access. Alternatively, explore public transport options that cater to special needs. A smooth journey to and from the event enhances the overall experience, allowing you both to focus on the enjoyment of the day without the worry of logistical challenges.

Timing is Key

Races can be long events, so starting the day early on your visit to the Ascot races can make for a more enjoyable experience with your elderly loved one. Arriving early allows you to find the best viewing spots and seating areas, avoiding crowds and ensuring a relaxed atmosphere. This way, they can fully embrace the excitement of the races before it becomes too overwhelming or tiring, heading home when you’re all ready to. An early start also gives you ample time to explore the racecourse, indulge in refreshments, and create lasting memories together, making the day more memorable and fulfilling for both of you.

Dress Comfortably

While dressing fashionably for the races can be fun, comfort is paramount and essential for your elderly loved one’s enjoyment – and the dress code outside of the Royal Ascot is much simpler. Opt for loose-fitting dresses or stylish slacks made from breathable materials, ensuring ease of movement throughout the day, and comfortable footwear. Consider the weather and pack a light jacket or shawl for variable conditions; layered clothing allows for easy adjustments if the temperature changes. By prioritizing comfort in clothing choices, you’ll help your love one feel at ease and fully engaged in the festivities, allowing them to focus on the excitement of the races without any unnecessary discomfort.

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Hydration and Snacks

Helping your elderly loved one stay well-hydrated and nourished during the day is important for their comfort and enjoyment. Carry a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated, especially during warm weather. Pack a selection of their favourite snacks, such as fresh fruit, nuts, or sandwiches, to provide energy and prevent hunger throughout the event. While food options are available at the venue, having familiar and nourishing snacks on hand can help with comfort levels, and so help them focus on the excitement of the races.

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Rest Areas and Shade

Identifying rest areas and shaded spots at the Ascot races when you arrive can help provide your elderly loved one with moments of relaxation and respite. These designated areas allow them to take breaks, unwind, and escape from the sun’s heat on hot days. Having comfortable seating options away from the bustling crowd provides a sense of calm and comfort. By incorporating sufficient rest time in the day’s plan, you ensure that your loved one remains refreshed and rejuvenated, enabling them to maintain their energy levels during the day.

Betting with Caution

If your elderly loved one enjoys a flutter at the races, approach betting with a light-hearted and cautious attitude. Set a firm budget beforehand and avoid placing high-stake bets to prevent any financial stress or disappointment. Instead, encourage small wagers for fun and entertainment, focusing on the excitement of the races rather than the outcome. Keeping the betting light and enjoyable ensures that the day remains a delightful experience for your senior parent, filled with anticipation and camaraderie, without any undue pressure or concern over monetary implications.

Be Flexible and Enjoy

Flexibility is key when spending the day at the Ascot races with your elderly loved one. Be prepared to adapt your plans and pace to accommodate their needs and preferences. Embrace the joy of the moment, relishing each experience together. Whether it’s taking breaks between races, exploring different parts of the racecourse, or simply savouring the atmosphere, the focus should be on creating lasting memories and cherishing the time spent together. By being open to spontaneity and enjoying the day at their pace, you foster a sense of togetherness and create a heartwarming and memorable outing.

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