Caregiver Support: The Home Instead Way

Learn how Home Instead provides holistic care and caregiver support in the Ascot, Camberley, and Wokingham areas.

Most of us will experience caring for a loved one at some point, and as our parents grow older, we’ll likely step into a caregiver’s shoes. It can be a challenging role, but one you shouldn’t have to struggle with alone. Here at Home Instead, we have plenty of support for you and your family.

The State of Caregiver Support

In 2021, an estimated 5 million people in England and Wales provided unpaid care. Many of these people were also not receiving caregiver support, leaving them struggling mentally, emotionally and physically.

Home Instead conducted our own research into the issue and found that from the 2000 family caregivers surveyed:

  • 88% neglected their health and well-being to care for others
  • 65% struggled with their mental health while caring for others
  • 31% felt they were at breaking point
  • And 86% felt guilty about not doing enough for their loved ones.

As a result, we see increased compassion fatigue locally during our first home visits. Compassion fatigue is the exhaustion caused by caring for others – a physical, mental, and emotional state that is incredibly complicated for sufferers to recognise and profoundly impairs their ability to continue caring for loved ones and maintain those relationships.

In our mind, it is crucial that caregivers take the earliest opportunity to understand the help they will need.

Caregiver support: Understanding What You Need

Caregivers often face challenges that can make their role physically and emotionally demanding. As such, they require various types of support to help them provide the best care possible for their loved ones.

Emotional Support

Emotional support is crucial, as caregivers may experience feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression while caring for their loved ones. They may benefit from talking to others in similar situations or seeking professional counselling.

Respite Support

Respite care is another necessary support for caregivers. Taking a break from caregiving responsibilities can help reduce stress and prevent burnout. It can also allow caregivers to focus on their physical and mental health needs, essential for their well-being.

Educational Support

Training and education can also be helpful for caregivers, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality care. That may include learning about medication management, nutrition, hygiene, and other caregiving tasks.

Financial Support

Caregivers may need help paying for medical bills, home modifications, or other caregiving-related expenses. Local authorities are the first port of call for Government assistance.

Support in the Home

Home assistance is vital as a loved one’s mobility and health decreases with age. Trained care professionals can support the physical aspects of caring and provide help around the home and companionship. Giving caregivers a break from mundane activities and more scope for relationship-enhancing activities is critical to maintaining healthy bonds and building memories.

Community Support

Finally, caregivers need access to community resources. Support groups and local organisations’ programs can provide valuable assistance and resources to help caregivers manage their responsibilities. By giving caregivers the support they need, we can help them provide the best care possible for their loved ones while maintaining their well-being.

A home instead care professional chatting with an elderly man in his home

Caregiver Support: Transforming Lives through Home Care

At Home Instead, we understand that transitioning into caregiving can be challenging. Often, difficult conversations about independence are accompanied by self-guilt, worry, and, to a degree, grief. That’s why we work with the whole family, not just the client, to ensure everyone benefits from a new arrangement.

We see it as our duty to provide professional care that compliments the care family members and caregivers provide.

Home Care

Our Berkshire Home Care provision helps your loved one with many aspects of their day-to-day living, from personal care to help around the home and, most importantly, companionship. For you, our caregiver, it gives you peace of mind and valuable time.

You can back this up with night care and more specialist care for longer-term considerations like Dementia.

“Our Mum was determined to continue to live an independent life in her flat but with early Dementia setting in and with we three “children” all over 65 we needed help.

Home Instead were able to arrange evening Carer visits at very short notice which was completely unexpected and their staff were fabulous. When things deteriorated yet further and Mum began falling at night they managed to arrange over-night carers which really lifted a great weight off us all.

Great value and lovely people – thank you Home Instead.” – Rob Gill, Client.

care professional sitting with client and her family

Live-in Care

Our Berkshire Live-in Care provision is available when you need to transition to part-time or full-time care. It provides every aspect of care for low to high-dependency levels.

“Our mother (Beryl) was able to stay in her own home for many more months than would otherwise have been the case thanks to the care and commitment of Home Instead. From the professionalism of all of the office team, led by Mahdi, to the kindness and hard work of the caregivers who helped with Mum’s personal care and provided such welcome companionship, Home Instead was excellent.” – M. White, Client.

Respite Care

We also offer respite care for caregivers in the Berkshire areas of Ascot, Camberley, and Wokingham. Respite care is a service that supports you and your loved one while you take a break from care. That could be an interim short-term solution or something you dip into for more extended or regular periods across the care term.

“I cannot recommend this company highly enough! Mum is 90 with Dementia but lives in her own retirement apartment. Then lovely Anne comes in 3 times a week for an hour a time to help mum. I don’t know how I would cope without the support, care and fun that Anne brings. Mum loves Anne’s visits and it’s such a relief for me that I can deal with my life/work/family knowing that someone is helping support mum.” – L. Howard, Client.

Carer Resources

You also have access to our blog, which offers lots of free, locally-focused advice and ideas to help you support your loved one.

Caregiver Support: Your Next Steps

No matter where you are in your care journey, it’s essential to take time to establish what you will need from caregiver support. If that feels like a whole new challenge, then reach out. Our care team is here to help you map out your care provision and balance that with your own respite needs.

Don’t do this on your own. Call Home Instead today on 01276 903106.