Planning for your care needs at home

Plan to Age Well

We believe that as you age, you should be given the best care possible to allow you to live well, your way in the comfort of your home. 

Here at Home Instead Altrincham, Sale and Wythenshawe, we have a selection of services available to help and support individuals to remain as independent as possible. 

From help with household chores or domestic tasks, medication management, running errands, shopping, personal care and bathing to specialist care such as dementia care, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or help with other conditions, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Home Instead Altrincham, Sale & Wythenshawe covers Altrincham, Sale, Wythenshawe, Northenden as well as the following areas:

Hale Barns, Baguley, Broomwood, Newall Green, Well Green, Woodpark, Sharston, Sale West, Sale Moor, Northern Moor, Ashton On Mersey, Brooklands, West Timperley, Timperley, Oldfield Brow, Broadheath, Dunham, Bowdon, and the surrounding areas.

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What are the different types of care options available?

Making the Right Choice for Your Family

Most people are unaware of care at home services were a Care Professional comes to your home. It’s often thought that care homes are the only choice available to look after your loved one. Home Instead created care at home and live-in care services to support people in their homes to help people live well, be comfortable and happy.  

Different types of care are suited to different situations, and it’s important to know that there is never a right or wrong decision. It’s entirely down to preference and circumstances.

We understand that, where possible, most people would prefer to stay living at home where their precious memories and belongings are. Getting a little extra support at home is an excellent step to slowly introduce the idea of care. It can be a more affordable alternative to most residential care options.

Home Care

Is where a Care Professional will visit your home for a minimum of an hour which could be a morning call to help you organise the day ahead we also provide companionship calls (we recommend at least 2hours for this support), waking nights and sleeping nights run for a 10Hrs block for as little or as often as required. Home care is a great option should your loved one need additional help around the house, companionship, or other tasks that we can complete within their time frame.

Live-in Care

Is a form of domiciliary care (hourly care support provided at home). It’s a service where a Care Professional resides in your home to provide care and assistance. One of the significant advantages of a live-in carer is that it offers peace of mind throughout the day and for the family members, the option to stay in the comfort of your own home,  greatly reducing the emotional impact of having to consider moving home.

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Understanding the level of care required

If your relatives have reached a stage where they need assistance with their day-to-day living, you may be wondering which support at home is appropriate and which type would best suit their needs.

As a first step, have a conversation, perhaps start with planning out a weekly diary, where are their lonely times or stressful points what tires them out, how are the feeling about meal times? This will give you an indication of how a care package could help, for example:

  • Every Morning a visit to set up for the day, shower twice a week and medication daily check, have a sandwich made ready for late lunch.
  • Monday – Trip out shopping call on a or just a drive out if too tired.
  • Wednesday – lift to and from hobby group at church, Care Professional tea prep and laundry.
  • Friday afternoon cleaning call and tea prep.

Having  a plan like this will give structure to the week and independence.

As confidence declines, we often find that the comfort and indeed the need to have the expertise of a Care Professional around the home, increases. We are well practice, in making sure that this can happen with minimal fuss. I am lucky to work with an amazing team who are here every step of the way with advice to guide you through potential pitfalls, and future planning.

Having a pathway for your care plan can be very comforting for all involved.

After an initial conversation, you may wish to arrange a consultation with our client lead Laura Muldoon at Home Instead Altrincham Sale and Wythenshawe she can help you decide on the level of care you or your loved one may need.

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Care questions that are often asked

Is Care at home Safe?

Care at home is one of the safest options available, as we can control the amount of touch points you have with health care assistances, and we are often able to streamline services required, if your priority is to keep you as safe and shielded as possible we have the experience training and equipment to support this.

Live-in Care Vs Residential Home Care

Live in Care is a safe and affordable alternative to a residential care home that gives you control over your care, bringing you consistent, one-to-one support in the comfort of your home. It is also great for couple who don’t want to be separated, or those who don’t want too be parted from their pet. Living at home means you stay in familiar surroundings and maintaining those daily routines that won’t be possible in residential care.

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Care at home provides Numerous Benefits

  • All aspects of personal care assistance, supported as needed.
  • Care Professional works with and along side other health care professionals organising appointments with doctors, hospitals.
  • Collect medication, groceries and supplies or arrange contactless deliveries to you as safely as possible. 
  • Help reduce the feeling of loneliness by having a loyal, compassionate companion by their side.
  • Provide you with your own trustworthy, exclusive, bespoke support.
  • No upheaval, you stay in your own home.
  • Allows you to be in control of your daily timetable.
  • Assistance to vulnerable adults and those aged 70 & over to safely self-isolate.
  • Care Professionals will care for your pets too.
  • Household chores all taken care of keeping the home clean and hygienic.
  • The care package can grow or reduce with your needs giving you control and flexibility.

Care at home allows family members to spend more quality time together as a family and provides peace of mind that help is at hand. High-quality care allows you to live well, your way.

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Live-in care can be the right solution When:

  • You want to stay in your own home.
  • You enjoy one to one care.
  • You would like to stay with your partner.
  • You have pets that you wouldn’t want to be parted from.
  • You need flexibility for family to visit.
  • You care for an older person with Alzheimer’s disease who would benefit from staying at home in an environment that is known to them. 
  • You like meals to work around your schedule.
  • You want to stay in your local community, and if possible continue to visit clubs and religious services .
  • You enjoy your independence.

This includes giving medications as needed, ensuring they are eating correctly with scheduled meals and snacks to prevent malnutrition, assistance with bathing if necessary, and other duties of daily living like dressing them when appropriate.

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Our Care professionals have the time to care

Companionship can be over looked

One of the best benefits of care at home and Live in Care is having a Care Professional around you who can quickly familiarise themselves with your needs. Our Care Professionals get to know your hobbies and routines and by building trust, over time many of our clients regain the confidence to get out and about again.

Care Professionals are adapt at making sure there’s a park bench to rest or a nice coffee shop to refuel, going above and beyond to enrich both the physical and psychological wellbeing of our client is what we do best. We are also able to promote exercise routines provided by a physio and can tailor meals to specific diets. Care Professionals are very keen to engage with and inspire wellbeing for their client, they love to see the positive difference their visits can make.

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You Get to Stay at Home!

Sounds daft I to state the obvious, but yes, to most people this is their fundamental desire.

A person’s home is their own little time capsule, holding personal treasures and precious memories, making it very difficult to give up. But beyond the sentimentality attached to your little patch of the world, the familiarity of home is good for several reasons.

Remaining in recognisable surroundings is a major benefit for people needing care – particularly if that person has Alzheimer’s or dementia. Simple things like easily navigating your way through the home can make all the difference to someone prone to becoming confused.

Vulnerable people of all kinds can benefit from care at home which includes Live-in Care, not just older adults. Anyone suffering from an illness, injury, loss of a loved one, or long term disability will benefit.

At Home Instead Altrincham, Sale and Wythenshawe the flexibility in the range of our care at home service with ability to team up with other health professionals means that we can tailor make  a care package built around you, helping you to live well, your way at home. 

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What great care at home brings to you and your wider family

Care at home Service

Home care allows independence, absolute comfort, and dignity. In addition, it promotes healthy living and general healing for those who need support with recovery.

According to a 2008 scientific research by Avalere, “clients heal faster and are more comfortable when treated at home than they are in nursing homes, or hospitals.” Home care services can also be recommended for people (especially older people) recovering from an injury or managing a chronic condition. 

Care at home Reduces Loneliness & Isolation

Having a Care Professionals visit throughout the day to check in on a loved one, sit down for a cuppa and a chat or make a meal for them to enjoy reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation and ensures they are well-nourished and happy.

Our Care Professionals will encourage your loved ones to partake in activities to keep their minds healthy and active. A simple walk around the garden or reminiscing through photos, baking at home to build back an appetite. Visiting hourly care allows your loved one to enjoy old and new hobbies at home or by make friends within the community groups and local events.

It’s Safer & Offers Peace of Mind

Our home care service will ensure you are in good hands; we can help manage medication, meal preparation, personal care, companionship, light housekeeping, pet care and more.

Our Care Professionals are highly trained and will ensure that the house is a safe living environment we have all the necessary PPE equipment . 

They will also use an app to help update you in real-time about what your loved one has had to eat, how the visit/day went and how they are feeling. This offers families great peace of mind that their loved one is in safe hands.

One-to-one Care

Home care allows for total comfort and privacy in the home compared to other types of treatment in healthcare facilities or nursing/residential homes.


Hourly Care at home and Live-in care services are a more affordable solution than residential care. This is especial true for couples, or for those with high dependance, such as Dementia care. Care at home works really well for people who require a personalised time table such as: Medication, appointments such as those with other health care professionals, church services, community group activities. For those who would like a special diet or to eat at particular times, and also more economical if you prefer to choose the time you would like to get up or go to bed at night. 

Encourages a healthy lifestyle

Home Instead provides a range of supportive services, including preparing meals and encouraging a client to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. Home Instead can ensure clients eat and drink correctly and monitor any health and well-being changes. For those who would like a special diet or to eat at particular times, we are able to factor  these requirements into your personalised care plan. You might also prefer to choose the time you would like to get up or go to bed at night, care that is one-2-one allows for these details to be met. 

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Respite for Family Care Pros

Often used when a key family carer is away on holiday or has other commitments that take them away.

Our Care Pros are highly-trained and compassionate people who love making a difference in people’s lives and providing respite for those who need to take time for themselves.

When it comes to self-care, it’s common for family carers to put themselves at the bottom of their priority list.

Respite care is proven to reduce stresses and tensions that come with caring while improving your loved one’s wellbeing. When tensions are relieved, you have better relationships with the person you’re caring for.

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Our Care Pros can offer the following home care services;

  • Dementia care
  • Overnight care
  • Live-in Care
  • Assisted living
  • Companionship care
  • Home help
  • Housekeeping
  • Day-to-day tasks and activities

Our home care services also support older adults who need additional care following an operation or illness. At the same time, their regular carer has a well-deserved break from their demanding duties of being a full-time carer.

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Why Choose Home Instead Altrincham, Sale and Wythenshawe?

Home Instead has a kind and compassionate local caring team that sits at the heart of your community, ready to offer you all the support you need.  

Our Care Professionals are employed by us locally trained by us  here in Broadheath and supported by our team, and most drive so if you need to get out and about you can, we think that they are the next best thing to family! 

They have at least 1+ years of experience and are trained in all aspects of care delivery, including specialist support.  Feel free to tell us what’s really important to you, and we’ll go above and beyond to find a Care Pro that ticks all the boxes to meet your exact needs.

Live-in Care areas that we currently support are the Altrincham, Sale, Wythenshawe, Northenden as well as the following areas:

Hale Barns, Baguley, Broomwood, Newall Green, Well Green, Woodpark, Sharston, Sale West, Sale Moor, Northern Moor, Ashton On Mersey, Brooklands, West Timperley, Timperley, Oldfield Brow, Broadheath, Dunham, Bowdon, and the surrounding areas.

Call us on 0161 506 8305 to arrange a FREE consultation!

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