A safe and inclusive haven for older LGBT+ adults

Opting for care at home can be a safe way for older LGBT people to safeguard their dignity.

Until 1967, homosexuality was illegal in the UK, reflecting the views of many people at the time.  Many people among the older generation will have hidden their sexuality to avoid recrimination.  This could leave them hesitant to enter residential care, or even to seek medical attention, because they fear a return to hiding their identity or that they will again face discrimination.

Opting for home care as an alternative option allows older people to seek care in an inclusive and supportive environment and can offer a number of benefits:

Home Care offers Companionship

Having a Care Professional visit on a regular basis is a great way to combat isolation and can offer you both support and friendship.   Receiving care at home will allow you to maintain your usual routines.  You can continue to go on outings, meet friends, attend events and enjoy your usual hobbies.

Home Care can promote access to healthcare

Older members of the LGBT+ community are more likely to avoid seeing medical help because of the fear of discrimination.  Whilst it is illegal to discriminate against someone based on their gender or sexuality, there is still deemed to be a lot of stigma surrounding the LGBT community.

Our Home Instead Care Professionals can accompany you to appointments and can act as an advocate with medical professionals.  This can be especially important to older transgender people who can often face unique medical challenges or face being misgendered.    Your Care Professional can ensure that you receive dignified care at all levels.

Home Care can help to maintain your independence

Having care at home means you can continue to live independently as you have always done, albeit with extra support in place.  Your Care Professional can help you with everyday tasks such as household chores, personal hygiene routines, cooking, medication etc.   It’s a common myth that receiving care can remove independence – having the extra help at home can actually help you to retain that independence and self-reliance.

Having the right carer in place will give you the respect and care that you deserve, meaning you can live out your later years, comfortably at home with dignity.