Grandmother's fall inspired Home Instead franchise in Chichester & Bognor Regis

Simon McGee was very close to his grandmother Marie whilst growing up. He wisdom and personal choices when she needed care, provided inspiration for the business

When Simon McGee’s 95-year-old grandmother was discharged from hospital after a nasty fall, he was so disillusioned with care services in general , he decided to do something about it.

Typically, home care visits last as little as 15 minutes – and often elderly residents have no idea who will come to see them each day.

When Simon spoke to a nurse of his concerns, she suggested an alternative home care company in the local area: Simon contacted the company, Home Instead, and said: ‘The difference was clear immediately.’

‘Care is provided for at least an hour every visit and the same caregiver visits the house each time so a real relationship of trust can develop.’

‘It seemed obvious to me that high quality care at home is something every community desperately needs, particularly my local community of East Wittering, Chichester in West Sussex . Having seen what a life-changing difference it made to my grandmother, I decided to find out more about the company.’

Simon went to visit several Home Instead offices and spoke to the staff – and became passionate about changing things for the better.

‘The carers at Home Instead all really enjoy their work,’ he said. ‘They don’t feel rushed and so they can really deliver the best care in the time they spend with clients.’

‘I went away determined to improve the way vulnerable people are looked after and within a few months I’d set up my own business here in Chichester & Bognor Regis. 8 years later I took over the branch here in Worthing & Steyning as well’.

‘Home Instead visits aren’t just about a quick wash and a microwave meal. Carers have time for a proper chat and genuine companionship as well as real meal preparation and help around the house. We also take them along to community events where they can make new friends and take part in activities if they so wish.’

The same carer will help with post-discharge care and visits to appointments, personal care, medication reminders, shopping and errands, enabling them to build up a real relationship.

‘We want truly caring individuals to work for us and we are finding that the best carers love working on our teams because they are not rushed and really have a chance to build relationships with their clients,’ said Simon.

‘Happy carers means happy clients. I firmly believe that the best way to change the way care is delivered is by recruiting and treating our staff differently, and that philosophy really seems to be working for us.’

‘The acid test when we hire people is that we only recruit those who we would want caring for our own families.’

For more information on the services provided, or if you think you’d like to join the team, please call us in the Worthing office on 01903 206709.