Putting People First

When you're whole mission is to care for others, it's so wonderful to receive some recognition. We celebrate our wonderful team's success at the Great British Care Awards.

Congratulations to our wonderful colleagues.

We’re all feeling so proud of our Registered Care Manager, Mary, who won the Putting People First Award  at the Great British Care Awards North West & Northern Ireland. Congratulations Mary!

In describhing this unique and wondeful lady, the awards website says it all:

‘Mary exudes an unwavering passion for prioritizing people, epitomized by a heartwarming instance where she facilitated a gentleman’s final journey to his family’s holiday retreat, allowing him to cherish precious moments with his loved ones. She is truly a remarkable and compassionate individual.’

Congratulations Mary, we’re super proud of your achievements.

Our co-owners Milke and Cath Chalton were shortlisted finalists in the Outstanding Contribution to Care category, and whilst they didn’t win, they were Highly Commended by the panel:

‘Cath and Mike have indisputably set a remarkable standard through their operational excellence and innovative practices, not only for the benefit of their clients and staff but also for their company and the larger organization within the sector.’

Congratulations to all our finalists, you’re all winners in our eyes and it’s a great achievement getting to the final.

For more information about the Great British Care Awards, please visit: https://www.care-awards.co.uk/winners-of-the-great-british-care-awards-2023-north-west-northern-ireland-announced/