An insight into life as a Live-in Care Professional

Working as a Live-in Care Professional is a privileged role, where you share a person's life, living in their home. We asked our Care Pro Val for her insights into the role.

We recently asked one of our long-standing Care Professionals for an insight into working in live-in care. Here’s what she had to say about her incredibly special role.

Working as a live-in Care Professional is a great experience and one that has many advantages, both for me and for my client. Perhaps the main thing to say is that as a Live-in Care Professional you really get to know and understand the client’s personality, it’s rather like being with a family member in many ways.

Match making

As our client depends on us, it’s vital that our personalities are closely matched so that we have every chance of enhancing their life. Having someone who shares similar views, likes, and even dislikes, means we can really get to understand them at a very personal level. It’s remarkably similar to how we understand our own family and loved ones really.

Some examples of what this means are knowing when they need to sleep, or take a nap, when to stimulate or motivate them to get up or go outside, or maybe which TV channels or programmes they prefer. It’s small details and understanding the nuances of their personality that help us to enable them to do more and enjoy their life, rather than simply exist.

Stimulation and motivation

Stimulation is an essential part of this because an active mind helps the client’s overall wellbeing. Exercise is also key; for example, we will encourage the client to go outside into their garden, and then ask them how many birds they see, what type of birds are they, what flowers are there, what are they called and so on. The combination of exercise and mental stimulation helps to keep the client in tip top condition.

Diet is another critical area to focus on. Promoting healthy eating and maintaining a balanced diet is essential to keeping the client in overall good shape. Knowing them at such a personal level really helps, not just in understanding what type of meals they prefer, but how they like them to be cooked too.


Another important aspect of live-in care is that we really get to know and understand the client as a person. Any changes in their mood, etc. are easier to identify, because we can observe them more closely. Again, it’s very much like being with a family member; we can spot when they are out of sorts so to speak and we are able to deal with or report any issues that may arise, in an efficient manner.

Mutual respect

Being a live-in Care Professional is a real privilege, as we are sharing someone’s life, and living in their home. There needs to be respect, from both sides, as we need to be sure that the client’s wellbeing is always front of mind. I would describe the role as being ‘complimented companionship.’ It’s essential to have that mutual respect, as is helping the client maintain their dignity. We actively promote living well in your own home, and so by living in, we can offer the very best companionship and personal care to our clients, whilst they remain in the place they love most – their own home!

Client testimonial

‘Home Instead started looking after my father about 2 years ago. They obviously made it possible for him to be ‘at home’ which is his greatest wish and therefore ours too. A partnership/friendship and trust has grown and developed between us and Home Instead, which is so important especially as sadly, none of us live near to him.

Home Instead has always worked with us to accommodate my father’s needs, completely on board with the emotion involved and diplomacy needed in treating him and his now, ever increasing needs with an enormous respect, to which I feel extremely grateful. There is no hesitation in raising any issue with Mary herself or the staff team in general. My father receives real ‘TLC’ from his lovely Care Professional, which is worth its weight in gold!’

Debbie – Client’s daughter.

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