Young Carers Month ~ Kasia

We have been celebrating our young carers this month. This is Kasia's story - Kasia is a work experience student with our Home Instead.

Young Carers Month ~ Meet Kasia, Work Experience Student in Health Care

I grew up in Ashford, Surrey and went to secondary school in Sunbury. For my GCSE’s, I took history, drama and photography and now I am attending Brooklands college to study health and social care level 3, having completed my first year.

I am really enjoying my course, I love the sociology side of things because I can understand things better and it is more opinion and ethics based, than fact.

Reading is the way I relax, nothing specific, just anything that can hold my interest. Music is another love of mine, especially listening on my record player, and with my friends is even more fun, while we tuck into my favourite foods…Thai curry and jam tarts.

During my first year at college, I worked in a family centre for my work experience. To give myself some practice with interacting with a variety of people, I took a part time job in a café that is attached to a gallery.

I have chosen to do health and social care level 3 because this is the field I want to work in after I leave college. I came to Home Instead this year for my work experience as  I wanted to have a change after my year at the family centre and wanted to see how the other side of care works. Whilst with the team, I have gained a practical understanding of how care works and learned how to deliver it correctly, with compassion and a personal touch.