Light Nights and warmer weather

As the weather warms we are excited to be expanding our caregiver team. With longer days and lighter evenings ahead, we're dedicated to enriching the lives of our clients.

As the weather warms we are excited to be expanding our caregiver team. With longer days and brighter evenings ahead, we’re dedicated to enriching the lives of our clients by fostering holistic health, wellness, and happiness through socialisation and outdoor activities.

With so much to do in our amazingly active community, Spring and summer offer so many opportunities for meaningful engagement and enjoyment, especially for our elderly community members. From community coffee mornings to leisurely games of bowls, refreshing walks after lunch to exploring local libraries and museums, a visit to the garden centre, the possibilities are endless.

One such example is Betty, a cherished client whom we’ve had the pleasure of visiting for lunch over the years. Betty’s love for her garden inspired us to help her rediscover the joys of outdoor activities beyond her own backyard.

Our dedicated caregivers embarked on a mission to explore various social activities in Betty’s village, engaging her in conversations about potential outings. Initially hesitant, Betty’s interest was piqued when we suggested attending a local bowls game, a pastime she had always enjoyed.

Accompanying Betty to the bowls club, she not only relived cherished memories but also forged new connections within her community. Witnessing her enthusiasm, we integrated regular companionship calls and ensured she returned home with a nourishing supper, ensuring her well-being after each outing.

Betty’s newfound zest for life led her to request an additional weekly call for “elevenses” at the bowls club with her newfound friends. It’s heartwarming stories like Betty’s that drive us to expand our caregiver team, empowering more individuals to embrace the beauty of spring and summer while enhancing their overall well-being and we’re committed to going beyond traditional caregiving to create meaningful experiences that enrich the lives of those we serve. As we welcome the season of renewal, we invite you to join us on this journey of holistic care and companionship.

Let’s embrace spring together – please do let us know activities you run or attend that you think local seniors would enjoy and we will spread the word! Likewise if you would like to speak with us about giving care as a job with Home Instead we are always looking for people with a kind heart.