A toast to new beginnings - Celebrating (early) the New Year with a new smile to support you.

We are so pleased to welcome our new Care Manager, Samrah, to our team.

A toast to new beginnings - Celebrating (early) the New Year with a new smile to support you.

Recently, we have had the pleasure of a new Care Manager,  joining our fabulous team. On her first day, she had photos taken and she met many of our Care Pros as well as other key players…she just fitted in so well that we gave her another task…to tell us about herself and why she felt called to join us. Here’s what Samrah had to say.

“With over 20 years of invaluable managerial experience, I have navigated the intricacies of both the public and private sectors, cultivating a wealth of expertise.

My journey into the care industry was spurred by a personal tragedy, the sudden loss of my brother at the tender age of 34. This profound event ignited within me a deep-seated desire to give back, make a meaningful difference, and, above all, bring smiles to people’s faces.

I embarked into the care sector with a multifaceted pathway approach, evolving from a compassionate carer to a tenacious team leader, astute coordinator, and dedicated Care Manager. Eventually, I ascended to the role of Registered Manager, gathering seven years of hands-on experience in the industry.

The decision to join Home Instead was a carefully considered one, influenced by the organisation’s outstanding reputation as a leading care provider in the local area. My initial encounter with Anitra and Jo during a recruitment drive at Holloway University left an indelible impression. Their warmth and approachability stood out, embodying the values I sought in a team. I yearned to be part of an organisation that not only made promises but consistently delivered on them.

What drew me to Home Instead was not only its outstanding reputation but also its unwavering commitment to supporting the vulnerable, allowing them to live a quality life at home, surrounded by familiar comforts. My personal ethos aligns seamlessly with Home Instead’s mission — to make a genuine difference by ensuring that care is not only person-cantered but also infused with kindness and meticulous attention to detail. In joining this exceptional team, I aspire to contribute to the noble cause of enhancing lives through compassionate and exemplary care.”

Thank you Samrah, we certainly look forward to working with you. Welcome to our team!