When you put your feet up, remember the incredible support our CAREGivers provide

Alison Steel - Quality Assurance Co-ordinator takes a moment to share...

Most of my last few visits to clients have involved lovely conversations
with their family members who are, by default, their carers.

What is so very apparent when talking to these people is the incredible support they are receiving from our CAREGivers too.

It's not just the practical help of assisting their family member to get washed and dressed although this is very much appreciated. 

It's the other things that mean so much to them - knowing they are not alone, that they have someone they can rely on at difficult times and, so importantly, someone else to talk to. It may seem to be superficial chat but to someone who has not been able to have a meaningful conversation with
their loved one all day, it is a pleasure to exchange a few words about the weather, the traffic or what's in the news today. 

Particularly poignant are those clients and partners who do not have children or close family. The worry about what would happen to their loved one if they themselves became ill or pass away. Knowing that our CAREGivers from Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston are there, is such a big relief for them as they become older and perhaps infirm themselves.

A client's wife said that knowing she can attend a medical appointment without having to worry "is such a relief, it means more to me than you will ever know." She also said that she came home to freshly mopped floors in her hallway and kitchen which was "so lovely and unexpected."

Another client's husband mentioned to the CAREGiver that he enjoyed salad for lunch but he had stopped buying salad stuff as he can only shop once a week and it was going off before he could finish it. His CAREGiver saw some individual bowls of salad in the local supermarket and bought one for him.  He was delighted and now she gets them for him regularly. He could describe
every item in them.

When you are out there stuck in traffic or having a bad day remember why you do what you do and how much it means to our clients and their families.


A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home