Love to Sing - weekly singing club in Raynes Park

In a recent London newspaper article, Dr Simon Opher said he sees patients less often if they join a singing group…...

Music therapy has already been used successfully for those living with dementia and singing can also help people with Parkinson’s disease. The Gloucestershire-based GP said: ‘People see me less if they start singing. With ‘social prescribing’ on the agenda, patients will feel empowered to find solutions to social, emotional or practical needs which will improve their health and wellbeing.

Dr Daisy Fancourt, a senior research fellow at UCL, said “A link between arts and health can be traced back over millennia and singing has been shown to help improve heart rate, blood pressure, mood and depression. Over the last couple of decades we’ve started to have real scientific evidence about how and why singing can have these health benefits,” she said. ‘I like to think of singing as a multi-model health activity because it has lots of different components that we already know are good for health. ‘Singing involves emotional expression and regulation, which we know is good for mental health. ‘Singing can also help us get out of the house, so reducing those sedentary behaviours that can be bad for physical health. ‘It can also provide social interaction to reduce feelings of isolation. ‘While a lot of health interventions may not be particularly fun to engage in, singing is not a medical activity, it’s a fun hobby and leisure activity. ‘Therefore there is an intrinsic motivation to do singing and therefore acquire those health benefits.’

If you think any of your patients might benefit from singing, please let them know about our two singing group. ‘Singing for the Brain’ runs every Friday at Tolworth Hospital 10.30am – 12noon and is suitable for those with dementia.

Our latest singing group Love to Sing, on a Thursday morning at the Lantern Arts Centre in Raynes Park, is targeted at those older people, who just love to sing and want to enjoy all the benefit highlighted in this article.
Singing lights up the brain