Ensuring our clients are eating well!

Nothing like a good cuppa!
Nothing like a good cuppa!

We all recognise that eating well keeps us fit and healthy, but as we age, the desire and inclination to eat can become problematic.

At Home Instead we have received a number of comments from clients recently, about how beautifully our CAREGIVERS make and present food.

One Client, Vivien said " When you are not really interested in food, to be handed a plate of food that has been carefully laid out is so much more tempting, Today my salad had avocado fanned out, tomato thinly sliced and bread cut into sweet triangles - it really encouraged me to eat. I know how much thought has been given by Annamarie and I am so grateful to her"

When we ask new recruits on our training, if you were to prepare some lunch for your client, what would you choose, Katy wrote " Something health, balanced, and colourful, made with love"  

Thank you to all our amazing CAREGivers, carefully handpicked, for not only their culinary skills, but for their care and attention given to every detail too. 

A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home