Celebrating #YouCanCare Week

One of our amazing CAREGivers, Kerry, has just celebrated 4 years with us and to mark the occasion we got together with her to talk about the wonderful relationship she has formed with one of her clients living with Alzheimer's.

How long have you been looking after your lovely client?

I started with my client in September 2020, she came from the states to be with her daughter and family.

What sort of things do you do together?

We sing lots of songs together, anything from classical to country music and her favourite singer is Perry Como. I have become very familiar with the songs, so I sing along and my client will hum along to the music too. She also loves for me to paint her nails weekly, picking colours with family or to match a certain celebration, which is so much fun! We wash her hair on Fridays too, which we call ‘let down hair day’ ready for the weekend and she loves chocolate and flowers which I do like to treat her with.

How does she show you that she is enjoying your time together?

My client smiles and laughs a lot when she’s having a really good visit, it’s her way of communicating with me. Sometimes she will sleep during some of the morning routine if she is tired, which really shows that she trusts me to look after her. She also has a special look in her eyes that reassures me that she is very happy and content with the care I provide.

How has your relationship grown over time?

She’s been an absolute pleasure to work with every day, she really makes my mornings better by greeting me with a lovely smile and I look forward to seeing her every single day! Our relationship has grown each day, I am always talking to her and through this, she has gained trust in me by getting to know who I am. I feel like we have also bonded over music and I she is always surprised that I know so many of the words to sing with her! I’ve become very close with the whole family as well, sometimes they treat me with a slice of cheese cake when they have birthdays, which is really lovely of them and means a lot to me.

What’s your favourite thing about being a CAREGiver?

Each client has their own life, personality, challenges, kindness and love, which never goes unnoticed. I get back just as much love as I give out and wouldn’t change that for anything.

If you are inspired by Kerry's story and feel #YouCanCare like she does, you can find out more about becoming a CAREGiver by emailing [email protected] or view our current vacancies here.