Welcome to the Team: Rebecca Trendall

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our incredible team and extend a warm welcome to our newest member, Rebecca.

Welcome to the Wimbledon and Kingston Team: Rebecca Trendall

Announcing an exciting new chapter in the Home Instead journey!

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our incredible team and extend a warm welcome to our newest member, Rebecca. As a leading provider of care at home services, our mission has always been to enhance the lives of older adults and their families. With Rebecca joining our dedicated team, we are confident that we can further elevate the quality of care we provide and continue to make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. 

Now, Rebecca, tell us about yourself…

What is your role at Home Instead? What will your role involve?

My role at Home Instead is as a Care Consultant; this mainly includes welcoming new potential clients to the service and meeting with them and their families to assess their needs and see how we can help them. I’ll liaise with our office team to set up the care package and match them with their ideal Care Professional. I’ll call and visit again to review how the new service is going and if everyone is happy, will introduce the client to their dedicated Client Liaison for support going forward.

It feels a privilege to be the person to introduce the fantastic Home Instead service.

If you had the opportunity to visit your dream destination, where would it be? What makes this place so special to you? 

My dream destination is to visit is Costa Rica; the country has one of the highest environmental credentials and I have never visited South America before. The thought of waking up in a treehouse in the rainforest and listening to the wildlife sounds idyllic, as well as kayaking and zip-wiring through the tropical landscapes!

What is a hobby or activity that you enjoy? Why do you love it so much? 

Throughout my career I have had many jobs in care, but recently I have taken around 18 months out of working in the health sector to follow a personal passion; I qualified as a Pastry Chef and worked as a Head Baker for a patisserie! My favourite things to bake are bread and pastries; to counteract all these delicious treats I do yoga most mornings and love to cycle around London on electric bikes. I also live near Kew Gardens so visiting the botanical gardens throughout the year as the seasons change with my sketchbook in hand is how I give myself headspace.

Have you recently faced a challenging situation? How did you manage to overcome it? Any strategies or mindsets that helped you during that time? 

I love reading self-help books that focus on managing my perspective and mindset. My passion for mental health and self-development drives me to continuously reflect and grow. This commitment to personal growth has significantly enhanced my resilience over the past few years, which proved invaluable while working as a carer during the pandemic. In addition to facing the challenges of the pandemic, relocating from the Wiltshire countryside to West London in 2020 and transitioning from a career as a chef added further dimensions to the growth I aimed to embrace.

One of my favourite books is by Brianna Wiest called ‘101 Essays that will change the way you think; it delivered on the title! I am a bubbly social person (always the first on the dance floor!) so the book really taught me to keep some energy for myself and self-care as ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. 

What made you interested in joining the team at Home Instead of Wimbledon & Kingston? 

After working as a professional baker, I grew tired of the 5 am starts and worked in a primary school as a teaching assistant for a few months (which was no less tiring!). Due to my background in health and jobs in care for 12 years prior, I was mainly supporting children with additional needs such as autism. I found this so rewarding that I wanted to return to my true calling of working in care; I felt refreshed and energised and ready to support people in need and make a difference again. I saw Home Instead had a vacancy and I jumped at the chance to join a fantastic organisation; they put everyone at the heart of the care they provide, and the companionship and social model resonated with my values that care needs come second to seeing the person. 

Are there any stories from your career in care that inspire you in your work?

The first of my many carer jobs came in 2010 when I became a dental nurse, this led me to support homeless people with complex health, criminal and dependency needs and as I progressed, I worked in the internal quality audit team of a not-for-profit care provider for supported living, domiciliary care and care homes. I moved to a large private care provider in 2017 and became responsible for the regulatory compliance and quality improvement of a national portfolio of care homes and independent hospitals. All these roles have maintained a golden thread; ensuring people who need help are looked after well – nobody should be only surviving but thriving.

We are thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Rebecca, who has joined us at Home Instead. With her wealth of experience and passion for caregiving, Rebecca is a valuable addition to our dedicated staff.

In the coming weeks, she will be out and about in the community, providing support and care to our clients and staff. We encourage you to keep an eye out for her and take the opportunity to meet Rebecca in person.

If you share the same passion for making a difference in people’s lives and would like to join our team at Home Instead, apply today and be a part of our compassionate community.