Welcome to the Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston Team, Annie Brient.

The Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston team welcomed Annie into the fold last week as a new addition to our Client Care Manager team.

Taking the Plunge…

Annie was looking for that next step in her career. Once she met with our very own Clare Jeffries knew that becoming a Client Care Manager for Home Instead was the right move for her. “The ethos, the positivity of Home Instead is to be admired. I believed I could thrive in a friendly compassionate environment where the hard work has far-reaching results”

So Far, So good!

So far, Annie has been very much enjoying her experience with Home Instead. “The training I have received from Katina has been exemplary. The camaraderie I have observed between staff has really enhanced my working day.”

Career Changes and Memorable Moments…

Annie has had quite the career swerve, coming from the world of architecture into care. The move was immediately rewarding however, with Annie forming close bonds to many of her clients. She told us of one service user whose family valued her so much, they asked her to be by her clients side when she was passing. “It was highly emotional”, she shared.

Annie’s Super Power!

Annie is full of empathy and understanding for her clients but she told us she would like the power to hold back the floodgates on occasion. ‘I am such an emotional person, I’d like to hold back my tears sometimes. My emotions help me with my role though and it allows me to draw from my own experiences.’

Three Things Annie Can’t Live Without…

“I cannot live without food, my phone and my laptop. However food will always take priority!” We’re with you on that one, Annie!

Life and Career Wisdom…

Annie keeps some wonderful advice her partner gave her close to her heart. Her partner reminded her of her value and worth to those around her. They said, ‘You give so much and have so much care for people. Take that and use it in a setting that matters. This inspired me to change jobs.” Says Annie, and we at Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston are so pleased you did.

If Annie could coordinate a care day for any fictional character, who would it be and why?

“Sam (Played by Sean Penn from I am Sam). I would want to show him how much fun and life there is out in the world. I would take him out for a day at a Dr Seuss museum for him to explore and get all the feels.”

Thank you so much to Annie for sharing with us and we are very much looking forward to working with her at Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston.

If you, like Annie are looking for a change in your career, click below to get in touch and let’s discuss a fulfilling and flexible role in care.