Dementia in Our Community: Better Understanding Leads To Better Care

When it comes to dementia, knowledge and understanding are our foremost tools to reach people, care for them and create supportive, compassionate communities.

Today is World Alzheimer’s Day, and as we reflect on this we are confronted with the fact that we live in a country with an ageing population, and we are currently seeing rising cases of dementia across the country. Once or twice a year, we might hear news stories of new drug breakthroughs, a glimmer of hope for treatments that are around the corner that will slow the progression of this difficult disease. But for those of us delivering care to those who need it now, we know that knowledge and understanding are our foremost tools to reach people, care for them and create supportive, compassionate communities.
At Home Instead Wimbledon & Kingston, we are proud to foster such understanding in our community through free, monthly ‘Understanding Dementia’ sessions, ensuring that support and care are accessible to everyone.
A Decade of Compassionate Care
For over ten years, we have been serving the Wimbledon and Kingston communities with a variety of services, including companionship, home help, personal care, respite care, and specialist dementia care. Our team, a band of experienced and compassionate Care Professionals, offers not just services but a promise of support and understanding for conditions like dementia, cancer, and other neurological disorders.
Understanding Dementia
Clare Jefferies, the Managing Director of Home Instead Wimbledon & Kingston, is a seasoned specialist in providing dementia care. Over the years, she has created the framework of our ‘Understanding Dementia’ sessions, blending contemporary research, stirring statistics, and heartfelt stories of lived experiences. These sessions invite attendees to share their unique experiences, creating an open and welcoming learning environment where different strategies for coping with life lived with dementia are discussed.
Community Engagement and Learning
Each session, distinct in its discourse, is aimed at aiding the understanding of the condition of individuals who have a loved one living with dementia. The objective of the sessions is to provide real insight into the condition, enabling attendees to support their loved ones better, by, helping them to provide care and find acceptance in these challenging times.
This month, our session saw participation from a spectrum of local businesses, including schools and sports centres, keen on enhancing their understanding to provide more dementia-friendly services. Peter Wiggins, Befriending Coordinator at Wimbledon Guild, reflected after the session “Dementia training that’s both informative and inspiring. It has already helped me reshape the support I extend to those affected.” Whereas Keith McMahon, the son of one of our clients, found solace in the session, “It is reassuring to know that Mum is in such good hands with care professionals who understand the challenges dementia brings.”
A Pledge for Community Support
Our ‘Understanding Dementia’ sessions are more than a learning platform; they are a testament to our pledge to care for our local community. We strive to ensure everyone living with or affected by dementia feels supported and understood. By offering these sessions, free to all, we aim to cascade knowledge and compassion throughout our community, empowering everyone to contribute to a more supportive and inclusive environment for those living with dementia.
Join us in Understanding Dementia
As dementia continues to affect more lives, being informed and understanding is no longer optional; we feel it has become a community responsibility. If dementia is something that has come into your life, we would love for you to attend one of our monthly drop-in sessions. Let’s build a world where no one affected by dementia feels alone or unsupported. For more information on our sessions, or our variety of home care services, contact us. You can register your interest by calling 0208 942 4137 or clicking Enquire Now below.
At Home Instead Wimbledon & Kingston, we are here to support you, to empower you, and to walk with you, every step of the way.


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