Transforming Personal Style: A Journey with Lou Lou Storey

After a recent session with style coach Lou Lou Storey, Amy had a one-on-one session to help her find her signature look and learn to have fun with clothes.

At Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston, we believe in nurturing not just the professional skills of our Care Professionals but their personal growth and confidence. Recently, Clare, the owner of Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston, organised a special “Lunch and Learn” session with style coach Lou Lou Storey. This unique workshop was held at our New Malden office, providing an enriching experience for both our Care Professionals and office staff.

Amy, who manages our team of Care Coordinators had a particularly transformative experience during and after the workshop. Here, she shares her journey and newfound perspective on fashion and self-expression.

A Fresh Perspective on Fashion

“Before attending Lou Lou’s workshop, I never realised how much fashion could influence my emotions and self-perception. Lou Lou emphasised that fashion isn’t just about fabrics or designer labels; it’s about how clothing makes us feel. During the session, we were encouraged to identify three signature words that best described our style. While I only found one—”bright”—it was a starting point for my transformation.

For those who knew me before this workshop, it was no secret that fashion and I did not “gel.” Like many women, my body had changed over the years, and I found myself stuck in a rut of leggings, oversized shirts, and an abundance of black clothing. My outfits lacked cohesion, and I often felt lost when it came to choosing what to wear.

A Personal Breakthrough

After the group workshop, Lou Lou noticed my struggle and offered me a one-hour Zoom session, which was amazing.

During our session, Lou Lou provided invaluable tips on how to make the most of my existing wardrobe. We discussed what types of clothing would complement my body shape and which items to avoid.

Lou Lou’s approach was hands-on and practical. We went through my wardrobe together, experimenting with different combinations. Initially, I was apprehensive about some of her suggestions, but once I tried them on, I could see the positive changes she envisioned. Taking photos of the outfits I loved helped me remember the successful combinations and boosted my confidence.

A Newfound Confidence

Before Lou Lou’s guidance, I found it so much easier to wear a uniform each day to avoid the daily stress of choosing an outfit. Now, I enjoy the process of getting dressed each morning. I look in the mirror and feel confident, experimenting with colours and styles I previously avoided. Instead of sticking to black, I’ve started incorporating bright colours and accessories into my wardrobe.

This journey has been about more than just clothes; it’s about embracing my individuality and feeling good in my own skin. Even on days when I don’t get it right, I feel confident and vibrant, bringing a bit of “Amy” and brightness to my style.

For all our Care Professionals, I encourage you to embrace opportunities for personal growth like this. Whether it’s through fashion, new skills, or self-care, investing in yourself is always worth it.”

Thank you, Lou Lou, for showing us the power of fashion and self-expression. Your guidance has really helped those who came along!

Thank you so much for sharing your style story, Amy. You look fab.

We hope Amy’s story inspires you to explore your own style and find confidence in your unique self.