The Wonders of Modern Technology in Care

In the realm of elderly care, technology has become a valuable ally in ensuring swift and informed responses. Take Suzie, one of our beloved dedicated Care Professionals, whose recent experience exemplifies the wonders of modern technology in delivering high-quality care.

When Suzie’s client required an ambulance, the seamless integration of technology allowed her to furnish the paramedic with the client’s complete medical history at the click of a button. The paramedic, acknowledging the efficiency, expressed a wish for universal access to such crucial information. This facilitated prompt completion of necessary forms, streamlining the emergency response.

In another instance, the client’s daughter, fatigued and struggling to recall her father’s recent medication changes, found relief through Suzie’s utilization of the Medication Administration Record (MAR) and Access Care Planner (ACP). By presenting these records to the doctor in the A&E department, Suzie ensured the accurate administration of the necessary medication.

We hope to share how our commitment to employing modern technology enhances the quality of care we deliver, as reflected by our recent digital excellence award. Our goal is to demonstrate the transparency and efficiency of our care processes. We invite you to reach out to our office team to gain a deeper understanding of our high-quality services. At Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston we blend compassionate care with cutting-edge technology for the well-being of our clients.