Supporting Our Care Professionals How We Care For Our Clients

Discover the unwavering support and reliability that Home Instead offers to its employees, making it the ideal choice for South Africans considering a move to the UK. With four conveniently located offices, assistance is just around the corner for any query or concern.

At Home Instead, we prioritize the well-being of our employees. Our comprehensive training programs ensure that you feel confident in the work you undertake. Donna, a South African Care professional, attests to the supportive environment, stating, “People are really helpful and friendly. I was able to start working immediately, which meant I met new people and made friends through them.”

For Amy, the positive experience with Home Instead extends beyond professional satisfaction. “Home Instead is the best company I have worked for. They are very supportive in all aspects, whether that is personal or professional.” The flexibility of shift patterns and the support from the office team contribute to a seamless work-life balance.

Sandra echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the welcoming atmosphere at Home Instead. “They are very welcoming and make you feel valued and a part of something.” Our commitment to the continuity of care and personalized support is reflected in the values we uphold.

The testimonies of our dedicated employees showcase the trustworthiness of Home Instead. Amy emphasizes, “I love that we care about the continuity of care and making it personal.” Donna shares a similar sentiment, stating, “I love Home Instead; I started working for them before I had my little boy. I didn’t plan on going back after my maternity leave, but I did, and I haven’t looked back since.”

Whether it’s your professional or personal life, Home Instead stands by you every step of the way. Our goal is to make your transition to the UK seamless and rewarding. We invite all South Africans who are considering a move to join our team. Your journey with Home Instead begins by filling in our application form. Take the first step toward a fulfilling and supported career. Get in touch today.