Radka's Story

Our beautiful Radka has successfully managed to balance being a mother of two with being a brilliant Field Care Supervisor in a role that she loves.

But Radka hasn’t followed a conventional route to going back to work! Her commitments meant that for years, Radka was able to be a Care Professional at the weekends.

The opportunity to join the office team as a weekend Field Care Supervisor was well received – being a seven-day-a-week business, Radka’s dedication to supporting her Care Pros on Saturday and Sunday really helped with competencies and training as well as emotional and business support at the weekends.

The time has now come where Radka is able to work full time at Home Instead, but she isn’t abandoning her weekend commitments working Saturday to Wednesday each week.

Monday to Friday, nine to five isn’t for everyone, and as a business, if we don’t embrace different ways of working and employ good people, we will miss out on having fabulous people like Radka on the team.