Merton Best Business Awards : Digital Excellence

We are thrilled to have won the Digital Excellence Award!

Digital Excellence at Home Instead Wimbledon.

In an evening of recognition and appreciation, Home Instead took centre stage at the Merton Business Awards, clinching three prestigious accolades, including the coveted Digital Excellence Award. Our commitment to providing top-tier care has not only solidified our reputation as a leader in elderly care but also highlighted our innovative approach to serving our clients.

The Digital Excellence Award, a testament to our forward-thinking strategies, highlights our dedication to leveraging digital communication and tools to make a tangible difference in the lives of our clients. 

Embracing Technology as a Business 

Our digital endeavours are borne out of a genuine passion for our client’s welfare, underscoring our adaptability in the face of adversity. Our innovative and inclusive solutions are designed to ensure our clients and their families feel valued, supported, and cherished within our caring community. We aim to streamline our operations in all areas to benefit not only our staff but all those involved in the care process.

Technology for our client’s loved ones 

It is important to be technologically advanced for not only our clients but also their family’s well-being. One prime example is our early adoption of digital care planning software. This internal system allows secure and remote access to our clients’ care notes, offering both our care teams and concerned family members a transparent view of the care provided. This level of transparency, coupled with the Outstanding rating consistently bestowed upon us by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), ensures peace of mind for all involved.

These systems mean that distance is no longer a barrier when it comes to staying connected with your loved ones’ care. Family members can actively participate in their loved one’s well-being, even from afar. This inclusivity is a hallmark of our commitment to providing a caring community, caring for and instilling trust in all involved.

Technology for clients

Technological innovation can have an enormous impact on the lives of our clients due to how it can help us adhere to all their needs. We are in the process of establishing a Virtual Ward system in collaboration with Kingston Hospital. This innovative initiative enables patients to return home for their recovery while still receiving monitored care from our dedicated Care Professionals. This not only benefits the patients by allowing them to heal in familiar surroundings but also eases the strain on NHS beds, ensuring they are available for those in urgent need. In the long run, this initiative will enable us to further tailor our services to better meet the unique needs of our local community.

Throughout the challenges posed by the pandemic, we remained unwavering in our dedication to enhancing our client’s quality of life. We formed a virtual choir on Zoom, allowing our clients to join in singing sessions, fostering joy and camaraderie despite physical distance. Our commitment to promoting scam awareness through webinars further exemplified our dedication to our client’s safety and well-being. 

Whether you are seeking domiciliary care in Kingston, Wimbledon, Surbiton, or care at home in Kingston, Home Instead stands as the epitome of excellence in the care provider field. Our innovative approach and unwavering dedication have not only earned us the trust of clients and their families but have also impressed the wider public.

To learn more about our award-winning services and how we can make a difference in your loved one’s life, we invite you to contact our office team. Discover why Home Instead is a cut above the rest, dedicated to transforming lives through digital innovation and compassionate service.

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