Join Our Team: A Rewarding Career in Care

New year, new career?

If 2024 is the year that you plan to find a job which is both meaningful and rewarding, look no further than Home Instead. It’s not a problem if you haven’t worked in the care sector before – many of our best and most dedicated Care Professionals are individuals who haven’t undertaken this kind of work previously. Read more to discover what a care role could mean for you. 

Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston was founded thirteen years ago by our director and owner, Clare Jefferies. We have quickly become the leading care provider in the area with three ‘outstanding’ CQC ratings, a rare achievement in the care sector. 

We work with over 200 Care professionals who make our work possible. In a recent survey, our Care Professionals revealed that:

– 96% of Care Professionals are proud to work for Home Instead 

– 95% feel motivated to go the extra mile

– 82% would recommend Home Instead as a great place to work

Why Consider a Role in Care

If you’ve never considered a role in care before, you might be surprised by exactly what the job entails and what the demands are on you as an employee. Read on to find out about how a role in care is not only flexible but also a position that will give you job satisfaction every day of the week. 

  • Your job should be so much more than a means to supporting yourself, and in a care role like those offered at Home Instead, job satisfaction is guaranteed. Being a Care Professional means knowing that when you get up in the morning, you’re going to put a smile on somebody’s face. Not only that, but you’re also going to enable your clients to do things that they literally couldn’t do without you. This is a job which oozes a feel-good factor, where you know that you are making a difference every single day.
  • When we think about care roles, what often springs to mind are long, unsociable hours. However, as a Care Professional, your role is flexible to fit in around your other commitments. Many of our employees work part-time (though more regular contracts are also available) and we know that the work must fit around your life. So whether it’s needing the flexibility to pick the kids up from school, to continue supporting your own elderly parents, or simply fitting in around another part-time job, we’re open to discussion about how to make the role work for you.

Join Our Team

At Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston our office management team are deeply involved in the process with many of the team being former Care Professionals themselves,  we have great respect for and understanding of the role. Our office management team work tirelessly to make the process efficient and beneficial for both our Care Professionals and our clients. One of our Care Professionals, Suzie, when speaking about Enuri in the office mentioned, “Enuri is always so helpful. She goes out of her way to assist with anything technical. If I need any support, she helps straight away!” 

Who Makes a Good Carer? 

You might think that care professionals need to have particular qualifications in order to apply, but that’s not the case. When it comes to Care Professionals, we’re interested in the same things that apply when we’re taking on a new client, the individual, and everything that comes with them. Just like our clients, our Care Professionals are unique, with different talents and abilities. So, which of your qualities will make you a good carer? 

  1. A good carer is someone who takes the time to ensure a job well done. While some other care companies might try to utilize staff by rushing them from one client to the next, we value every minute you spend with our clients and give you the time to really get to know them. While, on paper, you might be there to help Dora with her laundry and dishes, the thing that’ll stay with her all day long is the 5-minute chat you have when making her a cup of tea. A good carer is someone who really understands the importance of the personal touch, someone who goes the extra mile and takes pride in every aspect of their work. 
  2. When we interview potential candidates, it doesn’t matter if a person is shy or outgoing – you can be either, as long as you are good at listening. Each of our clients are individuals who will want things done in different ways, so to succeed as a Care Professional, you must be able to listen to your clients. Being respectful and treating our clients with dignity is of the utmost importance to us, and the first way to ensure we do this on every care call is by listening. 
  3. At Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston, we attribute a large part of our success to our meticulous pairing procedure. We consider our clients’ hobbies, interests, and life experiences, including their previous professions. We strive to match clients with Care Professionals who have similar backgrounds and interests.

 At Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston, we have a client who spent most of her life as an Art lecturer. She often reminisces about this aspect of her life so to create a special experience for her, we paired her with one of our Care Professionals, who previously studied art.

Through this ideal pairing, our client received the support she required, and our client and Care Professional created both memories and art together. Even during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 lockdown, our ingenious Care Professional continued her visits, nurturing ongoing art projects via technology. This understanding of our clients and Care Professionals allows us to foster meaningful relationships. 

Benefits of Working in Care 

The benefits of working as a Care Professional reach far beyond our competitive salary and the undeniable job satisfaction you get in the role. Read about how working in care can benefit you. 

Adaptability is a top benefit of working in care. Not only are we flexible when it comes to your schedule, we can also work to make the most of your talents when choosing your clients. For example, if you have a heart for people living with dementia, we can utilize your talents by gathering clients who are suited to your skills. Not only that, the role also has opportunities for continued professional development, with industry-leading training courses you can undertake to push yourself in new directions. 

We offer a competitive salary which is graded according to the type of care being provided, but aside from that, our package includes extras such as: paid travel time, Employee Assistance Programme, discounts at high-street retailers with BHSF, recommend a Care Professional bonus, and length of service recognition. 

If you have any further questions about a role in care, please get in touch., we would love to hear from you. A job as a Care Professional is a role where every day is different, but each is filled with fulfilment because you’re doing something worthwhile. We’d be thrilled to hear from passionate, caring individuals who are interested in joining our team. 

Call us at 0208 942 4137 today to get in touch about a rewarding career as a Care Professional with Home Instead Wimbledon & Kingston.

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