Getting the Most Out of Springtime: Care Professional Tips

After a cold, dark winter, many Care Professionals will find their clients are relived that spring is finally here. Read below for some top tips this springtime.

How to get the most out of springtime as a Care Professional

Whether you’re a Care Professional or a live-in carer, both you and your clients will benefit from getting out and about this springtime. There are numerous benefits to spending time outdoors that will impact both physical and mental health.

  1. Getting exercise is a key factor to enjoying better health in old age – and Care Professionals need exercise just as much as their clients! It doesn’t need to be much; even a gentle stroll contributes, especially in seniors with limited mobility or a more sedentary lifestyle. Pottering around the garden or taking a short walk around the block on a regular basis will certainly produce positive effects.
  2. If your client is in wheelchair or can’t walk far, it’s still important to get some fresh air. Doing so increases energy levels, dispels anxiety, and has many other benefits.
  3. Even on a cloudy day, our bodies are absorbing vitamin D, just in smaller quantities than on bright sunny days. So don’t put off a trip outdoors just because the sun isn’t with you – it might always brighten up while you’re out!
  4. Your client might not be keen on spending lots of time outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! Make time for yourself on your days off to take a glorious springtime walk – you could snap some photos on your phone of daffodils and tulips in bloom. During your care calls, encourage your client to let you open the windows and get in some fresh air – it’s especially important to do this if they spend most of their time at home, where the atmosphere can feel stuffy and stale if the house isn’t aired out.
  5. We are so lucky in Wimbledon and Kingston to have lots of access to green spaces that are beautifully cared for. Morden Hall Park has stunning gardens, has good transport links and is wheelchair friendly. It is perfect for an afternoon potter and has a lovely shop as well.

 Celebrating Springtime as an Animal Lover

Springtime makes us think of new life and new beginnings, so what better way to celebrate this than by appreciating the wonders of nature?

  1. Animal lovers without pets in the home will relish in the opportunity to spend time with animals this springtime. Visiting local attractions where clients can enjoy an animal experience (such as holding a rabbit or stroking a donkey) is a great way to get out and enjoy springtime weather.
  2. You don’t have to plan a special attraction to appreciate the springtime – just a walk in the local park can do wonders for both you and your client. If your walk in the park includes a stop off to feed the ducks, or a chance encounter with a lively squirrel, it will be all the more enjoyable for your client!
  3. We love Deen City Farm here at Home Instead Wimbledon and Kingston. This urban farm has been serving the community for over 40 years. It has a café and lots of animals to enjoy.

How to celebrate springtime

When your client has a set routine, it’s easy to feel that the days are very much the same, with nothing special to look forward to. If that sounds familiar, this is a great reason to embrace the season – there’s always something new to look at, think about or do when the seasons change. Here are some ideas for appreciating the unique qualities of springtime.

  1. Do something crafty. Painting Easter eggs, making Easter greetings cards, creating a miniature garden, pressing flowers, make an Easter wreath, knitting little chicks… there are countless ideas if your client would enjoy a craft activity.
  2. Visit somewhere you’ve not been for a while. If you client tends to batten down the hatches over winter and stays home in the colder weather, now is a great time to get out and about to the people and places they haven’t seen for a while. Perhaps it’s a favourite café they haven’t been to since last autumn, or a summertime picnic spot that would be nice on a sunny day. Perhaps they could arrange to see a friend for a coffee at the garden centre. Ask your client for ideas about a favourite outing to make springtime special.
  3. Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a chore – this is a great time of year for blowing away the cobwebs and appreciating personal possessions. Perhaps your client would enjoy looking at old photographs, or maybe sorting out a box of treasures from the attic?
  4. We all know the phrase ‘New Year, New You!’, but it doesn’t have to relate to the start of the year. Finding your get-up-and-go can be hard in January, but why not take the opportunity to start something new this season? Whether it’s going to a local coffee and chat event to meet new friends, signing up to a gentle ‘seated yoga’ class or joining a local book group, your client will love the chance to add something interesting to their weekly schedule. The Carers Trust is a really great resource if you are looking for ideas. It also has lots of dementia friendly activity ideas as well.


Whether or not springtime is your favourite season, it’s worth embracing all that the spring has to offer. Not only does it offer variety of routine to your cherished clients, but also keeps things fresh and interesting for you. As a Care Professional, every day is different, so make the most of what each day brings you.

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