Lunch Clubs for Older Adults in Wigan

Lunch clubs are a great way for older adults to socialise and meet new people. If you’re looking for a lunch club in Wigan, there are plenty of options to choose from. Royal Voluntary Service, Salvation Army, Vegan Luncheon Club, Amberswood Day Centre, and Fourways all offer lunch clubs for older adults.

Royal Voluntary Service

The Royal Voluntary Service is a national charity that provides a range of services to support older people in the UK. One of their flagship services is their lunch clubs, which provide a hot meal and social activities for like minded people in local communities.

There are many lunch clubs across the UK, with a few located in the Wigan area. These clubs provide an essential source of social interaction for older adults who often feel isolated and lonely. They also offer a chance to meet new friends, enjoy a healthy meal and sometimes learn new skills.

If you are an older adult in Wigan and would like to learn more about the available lunch clubs, please call the Royal Voluntary Service on 0330 555 0310.

Salvation Army Lunch Clubs

The Salvation Army runs lunch clubs for older adults in Wigan. These social clubs are perfect for those who want to socialise and meet new people.

The Salvation Army provides a hot meal and a chance to chat with other members. This is a great way for older adults to make new friends, boost their mental health and wellbeing and stay connected with their local community.

The Salvation Army lunch clubs are open to everyone, regardless of background or belief.

If you are an older adult in Wigan, we highly recommend giving one of The Salvation Army’s lunch clubs a try! For further information on this social group call 020 7367 4500

Are you looking to start your own lunch club in your local community?

Hints and tips to start your very own lunch club for people living in your local town.

  • Ideally, your lunch club should be wheelchair accessible and easy to enter e.g. with few stairs. Clear walkways and room clutter to avoid any unnecessary obstacles. Offer the choice to guests using a wheelchair to be transferred to a chair, where possible. This will allow them to have the same experience as everyone else. Allow enough time for people to arrive and get comfortable before food and drinks are served.
  • Decorating the room with light, bright colours and flowers can help add to the ambience of the lunch club and make it look inviting.
  • Tablecloths and napkins are just simple ways to help set the scene as well as be helpful for any spillages!
  • This may be the only source of socialising for some older people, so friendliness and enthusiasm will go a long way.
  • A supportive, and helpful approach will not only encourage eating and drinking but also help improve mood and well-being.
  • Make sure the crockery is lightweight and easy to hold. Metal cutlery and serrated knives are better than plastic for grip and to aid with cutting up food. So try to avoid disposable cutlery where possible.
  • Sturdy cups with handles will help older people easily grasp and lift them without spillage. Cups should not be filled too full as this may cause problems when lifting or if someone is frail/has a tremor.
  • Check for any dietary requirements ahead of time and be aware of any food allergies that guests may have. Special diets may be required for religious and cultural groups.
  • When making your menus, aim to create balanced, nutritious meals for your guests to enjoy. Older people should be encouraged to eat more fresh vegetables, fruit, protein and wholegrain cereals.
  • Always provide hot and cold drinks. Adding jugs of water or juice to tables reduces dehydration.


  • What do lunch clubs do?

A lunch club is a place where members of the community, particularly older or vulnerable people, can come together to share a meal.

  • How do you organise a lunch club?

Firstly, you can’t start a lunch club alone. Talk to volunteers or friends who share your vision for opening the lunch club/group. Then start looking for a venue with easy access, a good atmosphere, and your menus.