Healthy Lunch Spots For Seniors Around Wigan

Eating well as you get older can be a challenge, but locals need no excuses with these picks of the best healthy lunch spots for seniors in and around Wigan.

When staring down the same sandwich or soup bowl for the umpteenth day in a row isn’t helping an already potentially waning appetite all too common for older people, it might be a good time to go out for lunch! 

From cosy bistros to hip kitchen-style eateries, there’s a surprisingly wide variety of healthy lunch options around Wigan which are great for people of all ages, including the elderly. Say goodbye to a sad, lonely salad from the leftovers in the fridge drawer and embrace some nicer nosh for a healthy lunch with these ideas from around the area.

The Lean Kitchen

South and west of the main town centre in Pemberton, just off Brook Lane opposite the rugby club, is The Lean Kitchen. With a focus on sports nutrition, the Lean Kitchen is still a fab spot for seniors and offers a friendly, hassle-free location for a healthy lunch. Grab a “lean box” to go in three sizes with a veritable pick-and-mix of protein, carb and superfood options to fill it (including Quorn, halloumi and tofu for non-carnivores) for a fantastic take-out option! The regular menu is loaded with lunch classics given a healthy twist, from cottage pie and chilli con carne to gyros, tacos, burgers, wraps, salads and much more. They even do delicious protein pancakes for dessert, as well as a range of flavoured whey shakes along with tea and coffee.

Lily & Arthur’s Bar & Kitchen

North of the town centre on the corner of Swinley Lane and Mesnes Road, just past the Brocket Arms pub, you’ll find Lily & Arthur’s Bar & Kitchen. This lovely little locale servers lunch from 11am to 3pm (or you can stop by in the evening for small plates and sourdough pizza if you prefer) and focuses on healthy eating through the quality of its ingredients, rather than specifically shedding calories. They bake their own bread, which is also available to take away, and produce some truly outstanding soups which are worth a visit all on their own – but don’t let that put you off their range of hot and cold sandwiches and salads. Their chicken caesar salad may in fact be the best in the wider Wigan area; maybe it’s the fresh croutons, maybe it’s the bacon crumb, but we doubt you’ll find a better or tastier crunch anywhere else in town. Of course if you’re focusing on healthy eating, do your best to steer clear of the amazing desserts and cakes on offer… but we wouldn’t exactly blame anyone for caving in to indulge.

Power Kitchen

With two local locations – one in Wigan on Great George Street in the Tower Enterprise Park, the other a short drive away in Hindley on the main high street opposite St Benedict’s – Power Kitchen offers an ambitious “clean eating” menu offering dishes that contain zero gluten and are clean of refined sugars. The lunch menu has a wide range of food suitable for all kinds of specialist diets including ketogenic, vegans and vegetarians, and the specials menu changes every three weeks so it’s worth popping by to see what’s new on offer if you haven’t been there in a while. The staff here are just as good as the menu, always on hand to answer questions about ingredients or assist with recommendations for specific dietary needs, so if you’ve got a senior in your life with some dietary challenges or restrictions this is a fantastic place to swing by for a lunchtime outing.

The Little Kitchen Wigan

Upstairs in the Grand Arcade on Crompton Street, right in the heart of town, you’ll find the delightful Little Kitchen. Although not specifically aimed at the healthy eating crowd, many of their menu items offer wholesome goodness with plenty of fill-you-up credentials and the prices are very reasonable. Their jacket potatoes and toasties all come with salads and delicious homemade coleslaw, and they also offer some great burgers including grilled chicken and vegan options. If you’re less interested in calorie counting and just want something for a happy tummy, their fish finger butty is a sure-fire crowd pleaser and something of a Wigan institution all on its own.

Fat Olive Restaurant

The health benefits of a Mediterranean diet are well documented, so despite the name this one is a worthwhile inclusion! You’ll find Fat Olive just north of the main town centre on Upper Dicconson Street, roughly opposite the New Charlies Dickens. All dishes are cooked fresh to order and the restaurant makes its own stocks, sauces and desserts, so there are plenty of winning meals here for all kinds of taste buds. Grab one of their smaller appetisers or starters for a lighter lunch (the chicken and chorizo bruschetta is a delicious meaty twist on a classic) or dive right in with everything from stuffed peppers and penne arrabiata to more substantial grills, lasagne, and risotto. Buon appetito!

From superfood-laden boxes to loaded jacket potatoes, who said a healthy lunch out in Wigan had to be boring? Get your seniors along to one of these spots for a nice couple of hours out of the house and some nutritious nosh that’ll have them cleaning their plate regardless of their diet or appetite.

Learn more about supported living or companionship for managing nutrition well in old age, and find out whether home care in Wigan could be the right choice for your elderly loved ones, by getting in touch with our local team today.