Charity Shops to Explore In and Around Wigan

Grab a bargain or just enjoy a bustling day of browsing with senior friends or family by exploring the many great charity shops in and around Wigan.

Furniture, clothes, games, books, it doesn’t matter. You’ll find all this and more at a nearby charity shop.

In times such as these, with spiralling costs and an uncertain economy, the hunt for a good bargain becomes ever more pressing, especially for those on tighter incomes. It’s hard to beat the humble charity shop for great finds; who knows what sort of prizes you’ll discover hidden and forgotten here?

In addition there’s great therapy to be had in taking seniors out shopping. Being out and about stimulates their minds, while engaging in unstructured browsing and shopping provides a great cue for conversation. Even if nothing is bought, your seniors can still take something very valuable away from a trip to the charity shop, and it’s a great way to get out and about without being stuck in the cold.

Wigan has many such stores scattered in and around town, all of which offer various knick knacks at prices so low they’re almost underground – so grab your seniors and start your bargain hunting together, or just have a good rummage and browse!

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation has a strong presence across the country, its stores dedicated to raising money to assist in the research of heart and circulatory-related diseases and conditions, as well as raise better awareness across the public.

Easily located on Standishgate, the British Heart Foundationcharity shop is all on one floor. Like many shops of its type it can be just a little cluttered, but care has been taken to ensure that there’s clear access across all aisles. The store focuses mainly on clothes and carry-out items, so don’t come here if you’re looking for anything particularly large and heavy, like furniture. That said, everything sold is clean, of good quality and in good repair.

Salvation Army

One of the UK’s oldest charities still in operation, the Salvation Army is driven by a strong religious ethic to help the poor, the destitute and the hungry. You may well have heard their brass bands performing at Christmas.

The shop can be found in a handsome brick Victorian buildingon Wallgate. Although slightly raised above street-level, the shop is fully accessible thanks to a ramp that allows any guest entry. The shop is kept clean by its volunteers and staff, stocking a large array of items. The Salvation Army charity shop prides itself in stocking good quality items, so you can be sure that although their prices are low you are not being sold any old rubbish.


A must for animal lovers. Famous for its ceaseless efforts at promoting animal welfare, the RSPCAoperates a charity shop to help fund its activitieson Market Street. It’s a rather small shop and largely sells bric-a-brac, second hand clothes and toys, and other carry-out items. Following on from before, this makes it a nice place to wander in and browse if you’re not looking for anything in particular.

The shop entrance is raised from the floor, which may make entrance a hazard for people visiting with a wheelchair or poor mobility. If help is needed at all, the shop’s volunteers are always happy to assist.

Scope Wigan

Another charity shop to look intoon Wallgate, the Scope shop possesses a wide selection of items for purchase. Its main supply is in clothing and accessories, of which it has a very impressive array, although it also stores an equally generous selection of videos, records, CDS and DVDs for media aficionados.

Scope’s focus is assisting people living with disabilities, ensuring that they can enjoy a high-quality standard of living and creating a society in which they can be treated equally, fairly and compassionately. It’s been in operation since 1952 and runs many similar stores up and down the country.

The shop itself has a level access to its front door, allowing for smooth entry, and the shop itself is kept clean and clear. Further, while there is a lot out on display the whole shop is brightly lit and easily navigable.


Since 1866, Barnardo’s mission has been to protect and care for vulnerable children. Initially operating a series of orphanages following the cholera outbreaks in Victorian London, the charity has focused more on ensuring successful fostering and adoption of children from troubled homes.

Barnardo’s charity shop is on Makinson’s Arcade and is a large and brightly lit retail space located justacross the road from Primark’s. You can identify them easily by the green accents on their shop frontage. It accepts a variety of goods from doners and is notable for including electronics, so people looking for CD players or VHS machines may well find one here. Otherwise, the charity shop has the usual bits and bobs that can be found in other stores, such as clothing, toys, and accessories.

Possessed of two large windows directly on the street, the store receives plenty of natural daylight and is well lit. The door is level with the street, ensuring smooth access for all visitors.

The Brick Shop

Working in partnership with Wigan Council,the Brick Shop on Gidlow Lane is unique on this list in that it doesn’t represent any major national or international charities but is instead entirely local to the Wigan area.

The charity focuses on providing help to people struggling with homelessness or facing debt crisis, its name representing the Brick Project providing solid, stable building blocks that people can use to build or rebuild their lives.

As well as clothes, games and ornaments, the Brick Shop also sells furniture such as chairs and tables making it great if you’re hoping to redecorate on the cheap. The shop has clear street access and plenty of lighting, making it easy to navigate.

Whether you’re looking for the next money-saving purchase, hoping to support worthwhile causes, or simply looking for something fun and open-ended to do the next time you’re in town with your seniors, a trip to the charity shop is an excellent opportunity for retail therapy.

Find out more how you can help your seniors engage in positive shopping habits, or find out ifsupported living in Wigan is the right decision for your older loved ones by speaking to our local team today.