Best Cafes in Wigan Perfect for Older Adults

Looking for a cafe in Wigan that’s perfect for older adults? Look no further than Caffé Rosso, Cafe Select, Bag & Bean Coffee Shop or Lily & Arthurs. All four cafes offer a great selection of good food, coffee, tea and cold drinks, with friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere. They are perfect for older adults who love catching up with friends or enjoying a quiet moment with a good book.

Caffé Rosso

If you’re in Wigan and looking for a great café look no further than Caffé Rosso. This lovely café has a wonderful selection of homemade cakes, including their award-winning Manchester tart. You’ll also find delicious sandwiches, paninis, and salads on the menu, making it the perfect spot for a light lunch or afternoon snack.

The friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere make Caffé Rosso a real haven for mature visitors, so be sure to pay them a visit next time you’re in town.

Cafe Select

Cafe Select is a great option for older adults looking for a cafe in Wigan. You’ll find the cafe in the town centre behind the Parish church.

The community loves going to Cafe Select as it has amazing food. The advice from the locals its that the fish and chips, which are homemade, are a must-have.

The staff are friendly and they do specials daily. They also have special pensioner meals, which makes this a great option for older adults.

Bag & Bean Coffee Shop

Bag & Bean Coffee Shop is a trendier option for the older adult. Their menu has a good selection of both snacks and meals, and the prices are reasonable. The friendly staff are extremely polite and accommodating. They love a good chat and support the community.

Pop in to warm yourself from the cold and for some breakfast! The cafe offers fantastic crumpets or some thick buttery toast.

Lily & Arthur’s

Lily & Arthur’s menu is a cute little coffee shop, ideal for older people. They are open for some tasty homemade sandwiches, salads, soup & cakes throughout the day, perfect for meeting a friend or making new ones!

Though only open from Thursday to Saturday, Lily & Arthurs kitchen is a favourite in town for its fresh and tasty food, but especially the pizzas.

They also have a takeaway menu! All you need to do is ring them to place your order.

Older adults visiting cafes provides multiple benefits including social interaction, mental stimulation, and physical activity. Cafes can provide a place for older adults to meet new people and make friends as well as a place to socialise and interact with others.