As a responsible business, we encourage everyone in the Home Instead network to always consider how they can look after the planet, protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

We recognise there is always room to do more.

We have improved our sustainability agenda, and plan to enhance this further by:

  • Working towards being paperless and using data systems that will enable this, such as automated applicant tracking and digital care systems. 
  • Embracing the growth of technology by investing in video conferencing within our meeting rooms, and promoting virtual meetings and training wherever appropriate, reducing the need to travel.

What have we done across our National Office site?

We have taken several steps to become more environmentally friendly, including:

  • Having all lighting controlled by motion sensors to reduce energy waste and costs.
  • Using a green energy supplier and installing solar panels to benefit from a renewable source of energy.
  • Introducing two electric car charging points for employees and visitors and adding to the bike racks for employees who have taken up the Cycle to Work Scheme. The use of trains for business travel is also highly encouraged where possible.

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