Protecting older adults from fraud

Any of us could fall victim to fraud even when simply going about our daily life at home. We want to keep older adults protected from fraud and scams.

Being aware of scams

Whether it’s a letter through the post, a phone call or an online transaction, scams can come through thick and fast nowadays. In the worst-case scenario, the individual can unwittingly provide their personal details and have their safety jeopardised, not to mention lose some of their financial assets. It only makes the victim less confident in dealing with their own finances. Trying to distinguish between scams and innocent activities can become incredibly difficult. Our Care Professionals are encouraged to be heightened to the risk of fraud among the elderly and we aim to try and protect our clients from fraud and talk them through the signs to watch out for. 

Elderly Fraud Protection

How we help combat fraud

We have various initiatives that help older adults, and those around them, stay aware of fraudulent activity. This includes:

  • Fraud awareness: Some of our local offices can host fraud awareness presentations, which give up to date advice and information on the different schemes and scams that people are being targeted with.

  • Partnerships: We partner with Barclay’s Digital Eagles to ensure our Care Professionals are digitally aware including common fraudulent themes. We also partnered with the National Trading Standards Scams Team to develop a bespoke awareness course for Care Professionals on scams. They pass an online test to verify their level of skill in recognising scams and advising older adults on how to act.
Elderly Fraud Protection

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