Christmas gift giving scheme

For many people, particularly older adults, Christmas can reinforce feelings of loneliness. Our 'Be A Santa' initiative aims to change that.

Driving community spirit over the festive period

Spending Christmas with loved ones and exchanging gifts sadly isn’t always a reality for many. Thanks to our Christmas campaign, many older adults who wouldn’t otherwise receive a present are given that delight over the festive period. But it’s about more than just gift giving. We want to encourage community spirit during the festivities and remind people to support local older adults that might be lonely all year round. Over the years, our Be A Santa campaign has enabled our offices to collectively donate thousands of gifts. It’s a small act of kindness that has been a great source of comfort for older adults across the UK.


How does Be A Santa work?

Our local offices put their own stamp on Be A Santa, but all of them aim to make a difference in the community while having some fun in the process. Here are some common activities that local Home Instead offices do:

  • Partner with an organisation or charity that can supply a group of older adults with gifts. Whether it’s a local Age UK branch or a care home, there is always an establishment nearby that would appreciate the donations.
  • Work with local businesses, such as retailers and garden centres, that can facilitate the donations. Very often, Home Instead offices man a ‘drop off point’ where they spread the word and collect present donations.
  • Wrap the presents and deliver them to older adults that are in need of some festive cheer. Some local offices even dress as Santa and his elves; it’s an extra way to put a smile on people’s faces!

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