What a difference a day makes when you’re Home Instead!

As more people are living longer the need for care at home has grown, and with it the need for more high-quality Care Professionals.

As more people are living longer the need for care at home has grown, and with it the need for more high-quality Care Professionals. In fact, over 1.6m people work in the adult social care industry in the UK – and it’s projected that number could increase by more than 40% by 2035*.

Home Instead is always on the lookout for high quality Care Professionals to meet the rise in demand, however, we know, from our vast experience what to look for when recruiting for our team.

The best home care professionals ideally possess traits such as compassion, reliability, patience, energy and a desire to make a difference to others in their local community. They come from a broad range of backgrounds and are drawn to the job for all sorts of reasons, most commonly:

– previous experience looking after a loved one,
– wanting to give back after receiving care themselves,
– wanting to make a difference to others.

Previous experience in a care role isn’t always required, it’s all about the right attitude, because everyone undergoes award winning, in-house training and ongoing support, which ensures our team are enabled to make it possible for an adult to live well at home.

So, what would a day with a Home Instead Care Professional typically look like?

We have provided a window into the world of our experienced Care Professional at Home Instead Wetherby and North Leeds, Nick Lewis.

“After working in an office environment for 35 years, it was a welcome change to move into a care role. Supporting individuals to lead a full life, whilst living with health issues, and continuing to live at home, gives me a huge sense of pride. It isn’t all home support as many of my visits are also companionship trips out. Not many people, in the course of their daily work take walks in the park and trips to the East Coast. All my clients are lovely people and we have fun together.

While Home Instead carefully match clients to Care Professionals, my weekly schedule varies, as I visit a variety of clients regularly.

  • If scheduled for a morning visit, with at least one hour with each client, my day will usually begin by helping them get out of bed. If personal care is required I help them wash and dress, then take any necessary medication, whilst getting them ready for the day ahead. I fix breakfast, and clean up afterwards, and all the while taking time to chat with them about what the day has in store.I work full time and visits can be from a minimum of one hour up to a whole day, so I have the opportunity to plan ahead any trips out or activities, knowing my client’s interests, desire and capability. This can involve a local visit to the shops or a café to meet friends, a Chairobics class, or further afield on a day out.
  • A lunchtime visit, or a full day visit at the client’s home, I would prepare lunch and enjoy it with them. The afternoon may be filled with enjoyable activities like putting together a puzzle or looking through an old photo album, or any other activity of interest to my client. If the client needs a rest or nap, and there are jobs to be done around the house, I run through the task list ensuring they are done quickly and efficiently. This can include putting on a wash, going to the local shops or running errands. We live by the motto ‘it’s personal’ ensuring we take account of our client’s individual needs and make sure they have the flexibility and choices achievable from a home care service.
  • The evening routine might mean arriving in time to prepare dinner and catch up with the client about his or her day, and then cleaning up and enjoying some evening activities like watching a TV programme, jigsaw or simply having a chat over a drink.
    A visit at bedtime means helping the client with a wash and getting dressed for bed. When leaving their home, I’m responsible for locking up and making sure the premises are safe and secure for my client and their family’s peace of mind. All visits and activities are logged on an app and this information is streamed live to the office and accessible at all times.

Those choosing to join as Care Professionals aren’t just starting a new job, they’re acting as a lifeline for local families. There are few roles more rewarding than a job in care and it doesn’t take long before you realise how much of a difference you’re making. I love that we match care professionals to clients based on similar interests and needs and have the time to really get to know them; it’s no surprise that they become friends as well as clients.

Home Instead Wetherby and North Leeds has been open for over 10 years and employs almost 100 care professionals locally covering from Wetherby to North West Leeds, who help older adults in the community live well at home. The company provides tailored support, typically comprising of companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, personal care, medication reminders, shopping and errands for people requiring care.

If you’re thinking about home care for yourself or a loved one please give us a call on 01937 220510 and find out why we’re the provider of choice locally.

We’re always looking to add caring, dependable people to our care professional team, and ensure they are fully equipped with everything needed to succeed. Speak to our Recruitment Managers, Gemma and Racheal, on 01937 220510 to learn more or visit https://www.homeinstead.co.uk/recruitment/wetherby-north-leeds/