Parkinson’s Awareness

Parkinson’s disease is more than a medical condition; it's a life-changing reality for many, characterised by its challenging symptoms and the need for compassionate support.

Empowering Care Through Understanding

Awareness is the cornerstone of our approach at Home Instead Weston-super-Mare, driving our mission to educate and provide tailored care.

This April, during Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we’re reminded of the power of knowledge and community. It’s a time to shine a light on the condition, to learn about the individual journeys, and to strengthen our resolve to support those affected. Our Managing Director, Mike, stands at the forefront of this effort, embodying the spirit of commitment that we champion.

At Home Instead Weston-super-Mare, Clevedon & Burnham-on-Sea, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional care that surpasses expectations. Our approach is rooted in compassion, knowledge, and personalised attention to ensure the individual needs of every client are met. Our Managing Director, Mike, has gone above and beyond in his dedication to making a difference. Motivated by a personal connection to Parkinson’s disease, he has successfully completed the ‘Parkinson’s Train the Trainer’ qualification.

Mike’s Journey with Parkinson’s Education

In August 2023, Mike Keig, one of our Directors, received training from Parkinson’s UK and became qualified to conduct ‘Parkinson’s Explained’ sessions. His commitment is deeply influenced by the subject of Parkinson’s, as he has a family member who is living with the condition. which gives him a profound empathy for the difficulties experienced by individuals living with the condition.

Mike’s certification enables him to educate our team of Care Professionals, enhancing their expertise to provide exceptional, personalised care. However, his vision goes beyond our community as he takes the lead in organising Parkinson’s Awareness workshops set to launch in 2024. These workshops aim to broaden community awareness and provide support.

Our Cliffside Challenge for Parkinson's

At the heart of our community initiatives, you’ll find endeavours like the adrenaline-fueled abseil fundraiser in July 2021, where our team, including the fearless Luisa Keig, our other Director, scaled and descended the 150ft cliff face at Uphill Quarry. This exciting event wasn’t just about the excitement; it raised an impressive £1,235 for Parkinson’s UK, showcasing our dedication to the cause.

Check out our daring descent for Parkinson’s UK below!

Local Support: Building a Community of Care

We are thrilled to provide resources for local support as well. Parkinson’s UK provides essential support right in our local community. If you’re looking for guidance or a sense of community, we invite you to explore the Parkinson’s local support finder. It provides valuable information about groups and meetups in the vicinity of High Street, Worle, Weston-super-Mare BS22 6JE, UK.

We are dedicated to creating a nurturing and compassionate atmosphere that is felt by our staff and extends to the community we are proud to serve. Under the guidance of Mike & Luisa, our team goes beyond simply providing care. We foster an environment where empathy leads to meaningful assistance for those we are honoured to assist.

Through education, community involvement, and the unwavering dedication of individuals like Mike, we persist in supporting those impacted by Parkinson’s disease, reaffirming our dedication to improving lives, one person, one family, one community at a time.

If you or someone you know is living with Parkinson's and could use some extra support, feel free to reach out to Home Instead Weston super Mare. We're here to provide the assistance you need.

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