Hospitalisation of Loved Ones

How to plan.

Planning ahead for hospitalisation of loved ones.

When a doctor admits your loved one to a hospital or a facility it`s often a traumatic experience, whether you were expecting it is or not. And, as a family caregiver, its unlikely that you`re thinking too far ahead. Just get through one day at a time, right? However, while an aging adult is still in the hospital or rehabilitation facility, it`s important to begin preparations for the time your loved one will return home. That’s because a smooth transition home is vital to recovery.

One chronic condition that often sends older adults back to the hospital is heart issues. In fact, approximately 30-40% of patients with heart failure are readmitted within 6 months of hospitalisation.

Many issues factor into why older adults are vulnerable to problems at home after they have been in a hospital or rehabilitation setting.

One of the reasons we have so many readmissions over the age of 65 is because individuals are sent home unprepared, are unable to follow or understand discharge instruction or there is not the availability of family caregiver to give adequate support at home-which puts them at risk.

The key issues that are sending older adults back to the hospital are medication problems, falls in the home and not following up with the hydration challenges. These overwhelming responsibilities for the primary family caregiver, the individual and their families can mean a difficult road ahead. Planning during a crisis is never as effective as being prepared in advance. Preparation is your best strategy for avoiding the many pitfalls that can sabotage your loved one`s health and well-being when he or she goes home.

Start with the right questions:

While still in hospital or facility, ask the medical team -whether it`s doctors, nurses or rehab professionals the questions in the link below

Follow the link below for right questions:

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