Best places in Leicester to take your grandparents for dinner

A day out to the city isn’t just about the museums, art galleries, theatres and castles, although they’re almost certainly the primary draw for most people.

At some point you also need to work out where to stop and get something to eat, and older friends and relatives especially have more particular concerns than some. Fortunately, Leicester is a burgeoning and modern city, and has a culinary scene to match.

Recognising of course that older visitors are individuals too, and therefore have their own particular tastes and preferences, we’ve compiled a brief list of the best places you can take your older parents or grandparents out to eat while spending the day in Leicester.

Use these as a starting point, and keep in mind that Leicester is a sizeable town. Explore at your own pace, and you may well find something else that tickles your grandparents’ palates as well as their fancy.

Knight and Garter

Found off Hotel Street on the Hotel Square, the Knight and Garter is a contemporary British pub that is proudly known as “Leicester’s most carefully considered pub”. It has a very modern aesthetic, with clear primary colours, spacious and brightly lit rooms, and clean minimalist furniture. While many may well come for the pub, it also boasts a high quality restaurant that specialises in British dishes and steaks.

It takes its approach to cooking very seriously, with its chefs undertaking to study everything from farm to plate about its beef. As a result, its steak dishes are famed throughout the city, served with a professional flourish capable only of those who are truly dedicated to the art of cooking.

As the pub is very well lit and minimalist, it’s easy to traverse, although the restaurant is hidden towards the back of the pub itself. On weekends special dishes are also offered, including Sunday lunches, and seasonal dishes vary throughout the year.

Black Iron

Tucked away in Braunstone Park within the lavish Winstanley House is another Leicester steakhouse with a highly regarded reputation. The main feature of the Black Iron restaurant is the large charcoal fire that’s found within the centre of the room, offering visitors are mouth-watering glimpse of the dishes on offer being prepared. The cooking is as timeless as the venue, offering a more simplistic method of meat preparation that adds a truly unique and flavourful quality to the meat.

Ingredients are locally sourced from British farmers and producers, and are freshly prepared by the chefs for each meal. The restaurant has a proud history of dealing with family-run farms and businesses, ensuring all their food is sustainably and ethically sourced. Their wine and beverage list is given an equally close consideration, including award-winning English and French wines.

Due to its high demand, tables can sometimes be difficult to come by during busier parts of the year. Fortunately they can be booked in advance through the website. The restaurant is also happy to assist diners who have particular needs, such as allergens or disabilities. Just contact them and ask.

Terracotta Restaurant

For a taste a little further away from home, the Terracotta Restaurant is one of Leicester’s most beloved Chinese restaurants.

The Terracotta Restaurant has a well-earned reputation for serving high-quality Chinese food, using fresh and expertly sourced ingredients. The menu includes old favourites, such as crispy aromatic duck, spring rolls, noodle and rice dishes, and more pan-Asian dishes such as sushi and curries. A fully stocked bar is also on hand to provide drinks and other refreshments.

There is also an all-you-can eat buffet available for those who aren’t entirely sure what to order, or who wish to try a bit of everything.

The restaurant is on the basement level, so keep an eye out on the stairs and be aware that there is little natural lighting. However the atmosphere is cosy and welcoming, and the staff on hand are more than happy to make your meal that extra bit more enjoyable should you need help. You can also avoid any dinner-time rushes by booking a table in advance.

Lilu Fine Dining

A family-run Indian restaurant on Highcross Street, not a stone’s throw away from the Terracotta Restaurant, Lilu Fine Dining keeps its family roots close to its heart. Inspired by their mother, a first-generation Gujarati immigrant with a passion for cooking good food, the restaurant continues its tradition of high-quality South Asian cuisine in her memory.

Lilu Fine Dining prides itself on using fresh, organic ingredients, boasting on its website that it uses no colourings or additives in any of its dishes. Everything is carefully sourced from farm to plate. The menu includes such Indian classics as tandooris, paneers, biryanis and masalas, with banquet menus available for larger groups.

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, the restaurant also offers cooking classes with a meal served at its conclusion.

The setting is modern, friendly and relaxed, with a welcoming family-run team ready to welcome guests from near and far to their table.

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