Best Overnight Care for the Elderly: Watford Home Instead

Are you considering overnight care for the elderly as an option for someone you love? Let's explore what to look for and what to expect.

What is Overnight Care for the Elderly?

Overnight care for the elderly comes in two forms; here at Home Instead.

  1. Sleep-in Service: The presence of a carer sleeping in the home of your loved one from bedtime until morning. The aim is to provide reassurance and security, plus help with medication, dressing and personal care.
  2. Waking Night Care: The presence of a night carer on alert during the night for those with specific care requirements (sometimes called a night sitter or night nurse).

You can book either night care service independently or as part of our Home Care or Live-in Care services.

What Qualifies for Watford Home Instead Overnight Care for the Elderly

We will always personalise our services to your needs; to do this, we need to understand what those needs are. This is why every enquiry requires a consultation—allowing you and your loved one to help us learn how to best support you.

Typically speaking, those who require a sleep-in service need the reassurance of a familiar face. They may be experiencing early symptoms of dementia, sight loss or mobility reduction, which can feel extremely debilitating. Having someone to call on if needed can be incredibly comforting.

Those with more complex needs or recovering from a recent hospital stay would do better with waking-night support. An option to have someone monitoring or administering clinical help where needed.

Both services can also be offered in the short term if you or your loved one need respite.

Home Instead care professional using tablet with her client

When to Engage Overnight Care for the Elderly

Knowing the right moment to engage overnight care for the elderly is about understanding when and where you need professional help.

Across our Watford clients, we see several instances where overnight care can benefit.

  • When you, the carer, cannot be there to assist
  • Where your loved one needs the confidence and security to remain independent
  • When your loved one has a more complex care plan that requires trained assistance
  • When they are discharged from a hospital stay
  • Or if they are too fraile to manage alone

How to Engage the Best Overnight Care for the Elderly

When considering overnight care for your loved one, you should look for a good or outstandingCare Quality Commission (CQC) rating under the safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led categories.

Independent regulation is essential because continual inspections give you peace of mind about the quality of care your loved one will receive.

Once you have made your Watford nightcare selection and made first contact, you should be offered a home visit. At Home Instead, in Watford, we visit you and your loved one to assess your care needs and the length of care.

We aim to provide the proper care at the right time and for the right length of time. We believe that returning to independence where possible is always the best option, and our clients thrive because of that stance.

home instead care professional helping a client sit up in bed

Contact us today on 01923 250513 if your loved one needs temporary or regular overnight care.