Got time for a cup of tea and a slice of cake?

Nothing quite beats a hot drink and a piece of cake when you need to take a break. Here are some of the places you can choose while you are out in Warrington and Lymm.

Café Nero and Rhode Island Coffee, Warrington town centre
Both are located outside the enclosed part of Warrington’s Golden Square shopping area. So easy to get to by car, park up and only a short stroll away. There is outside seating at both of these venues.
Both cafes have double doors at the front which means people using a wheelchair or stroller can get an inside table if they want. Café Nero has no step into its ground floor and a disabled toilet available.

Rhode Island Coffee has a ramp up to its inside seating and staff are ready to move tables to help a someone in a wheelchair inside without any fuss.
Just outside in the square, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party sculpture is a bonus for literature lovers and curious youngsters alike.
And you can watch one of the many events in the square, or just watch the people going about their business. We have found that our clients really enjoy the experience of being around people and being in the town centre offers the chance to chat about how things have changed and how it used to be, which is always fascinating.

Galleries Café at Warrington Disability Partnership (WDP), Sankey
You can use the main café, a conservatory or wheelchair accessible benches at this café which is part of WDP’s Centre for Independent Living.
A great place to stop if you are visiting the centre, which is in Evelyn Street, Sankey, to check out the latest aids to make your relative or client’s life easier. So many of our clients have found the shop a real eye opener, staffed by a team who really know what they are talking about. When you don’t know what is available to make daily living easier it is great to actually see and have a chat about things that can help people to stay as independent as possible. Everyone is so friendly and willing to chat at the centre and often we find our clients come away feeling more confident and able to manage at home.

The Terrace, Lymm
Boasting space for up to 35 people outside, the Terrace has lots of space for wheelchair users.
Serving bread made by the famous local bakers, Sexton’s, it also has an air conditioned inside area.
Dog owners are welcome and they’ll even give your pet pooch a bowl of water to keep it cool on a hot day.
Many of our clients love to visit a couple of the shops, go to the Post Office and then retire for a nice cup of tea and a piece of their amazing cake.

McDee’s and Quench Café, both Culcheth
There’s plenty of accessible seating outside these two adjacent cafes in Lodge Drive, so finding a place to sit should not be a problem.
Great for taking a break from shopping and boasting great views of the village green.
Both cafes have inside seating. McDee’s has a ramp to its inside seating and a downstairs toilet without a handrail. Both cafes have a really friendly feel and it is so enjoyable just to take some time out for a chat and refreshments at these great venues.