Family Favourites!

We all have family favourites especially when it comes to food and we all have fond memories of baking with our parents or grandparents.

We all have family favourites especially when it comes to food whether that be, Grandmothers famous jam sponge cake or Mothers chicken casserole. Some of these family favourite recipes are often passed down through generations. One we have in our family is stuffing, Christmas would not be Christmas without Grandads special turkey stuffing.

Being a Care Professional, you are in a privileged position to get to know stories of families and share the secrets of their family favourites, just like our Care Professional, Jackie and her Client. Our wonderful client comes from a family of bakers, and Jackie is often welcomed with the smell of fresh Baking. Having learnt many tricks of the trade over the years especially from her grandmother our client often bakes apple pies, jam tarts and crumbles and says “you never know who might visit”

Without giving too much away (well let’s face it, the colonel didn’t give too much away regarding his chicken, did he?) Jackie asked our client for her method; She was very surprised when our client produced an old cookbook from school and to this day, she sticks to the methods along with her inside bakery knowledge.

One of her little tips is, never use margarine always use fat for baking the perfect pastry.