Meet Matt!

Following on from Dementia Action Week last week, we wanted to highlight some of our Care Professionals who have undergone Dementia training here at Home Instead Warrington.

Todays blog comes from Matt who has been with us at Home Instead Warrington for nearly 6 years.

Matt is another Care Pro who does amazing work with our clients with dementia. He has a lot of experience in the role and really knows about the best ways to approach caring for people with Dementia.

He has an amazing way of supporting our clients and adapts techniques to fit the clients needs individually, whilst finding ways to engage them in their routines.

With the training you’ve done and the work that you do you have done a great job at putting it into practice in the workplace. Was there anything about your training that stood out to you as interesting or something you didn’t know?

I found the training about dementia very interesting, especially as I had been working with people who have dementia for some time. It gave me greater insight into and understanding about dementia on a theoretical and practical level. There were new things I learned during the training, and I enjoyed the discussions with the trainer and other care professionals. I learned about the different stages of dementia and was able to recognise these stages with some of my own clients. I was also able to use some of the techniques discussed with the knowledge and understanding of the condition itself which I’m sure has been beneficial to the clients.

What skill do you think is essential when working with people with dementia?

Having skills such as empathy and understanding are essential for clients with dementia and being a good communicator; a good listener and using appropriate body language are important. Having a positive attitude is also very important, as is being adaptable and patient.

Are there any techniques you find particularly beneficial to support people with dementia? 

I find that effective communication skills really help; talking calmly, clearly speaking, and focussing on one thing at a time, being aware to not over complicate things for clients who have dementia and to remind them of simple steps or stages when doing things, helps them to understand what to do and helps them to keep some independence.

I am always aware of what my clients are able to do or not do and deliver any instructions simply and clearly so that they are able to understand what I am asking them at each stage, in order for them to remain calm and comfortable without becoming worried or stressed about situations.

I am also aware of how I come across to my clients; I make sure I am using the appropriate body language to support them, and stay happy, upbeat and positive whenever I am with them, which I hope helps improve their own mood.

What is it that you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy spending time with clients and getting to know them. I like making them feel happy and comfortable whilst I am with them. I like to help them to be able to achieve small things that they are able to do and to make them know that they are listened to.