Meet Amanda!

The third blog comes from Amanda who has been a care pro here at Home Instead Warrington for nearly 6 years!

Amanda does a wonderful job at engaging our clients in activities to ensure the individual still feels empowered in their own homes to complete daily tasks. Below, Amanda shares how she does such a great job with our clients with dementia.

What skill do you think is essential when working with people with dementia?

During training I learnt that there were different types of dementia caused by different types of diseases and people will be affected in different ways. Its important to realise that that everybody’s dementia journey will be their own and any support given should be appropriate to their personal needs, not a one size fits all approach.

Also surprised at the large number of people affected by dementia and that number will grow. The training we get will make sure that we will all have a unified approach.

What skill do you think is essential when working with people with dementia?

Empathy. Understanding the problems and frustrations an individual may feel and how to address them, clear communication and don’t just listen, hear what they are saying.

Are there any techniques you find particularly beneficial to support people with dementia? 

Knowing your client and gaining their trust is so important so you can build meaningful relationships.

Engage your client in activities they will enjoy or will make them feel useful or valued. A feeling of pride at finishing a crossword, a client who clears the table and fills the dishwasher so he feels he is still helping his wife.

Also, try to introduce some fun and laughter into the day. Find out what will bring a smile to their face. Make them feel their opinions matter.

What is it that you enjoy about your role?

The fact that I can help someone to feel valued and respected, can bring some fun and happiness into their lives and enhance their day to day lives. Also helping to support and bring some relief to family members.

There is a great amount of job satisfaction in being a care professional.