How Dementia Friendly is Warminster?

Two thirds of people say that Wiltshire is Dementia Friendly. How do you rate Warminster? And what does it mean to be dementia friendly?

How confident would I feel to take my Dad, who is living with dementia, to go shopping and do errands around town in Warminster? Being a dementia friendly community means that facilities, amenities and businesses are adapted to accommodate people living with dementia.

From reducing noise, to simplifying layout, easy to understand signage and the colour of internal decor – there is a lot that can be done to make it easier and more comfortable for people living with dementia to be part of the community.

Most importantly however, is how much people and organisations in Warminster are aware of what dementia is and how to interact and encourage participation. “It is not the individual’s physical / mental difference that is the problem, but it’s the way society is organised that is the disability”. 

Visit Healthwatch Wiltshire for more information.