Companionship Care and Befriending Service in Wandsworth

We provide companionship & befriending services to people in Wandsworth, Lambeth, dulwich & the surrounding areas.

We've helped thousands of families to stay safe, comfortable and happy at home. Whatever situation you're facing, or whatever the question is, Home Instead is here to help.

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Personalised Companionship and befriending service in  Wandsworth, Lambeth & Dulwich & Surrounding Area

Life can be busy and overwhelming from time to time, which is why it’s so important to have a trusted companion by your side. That’s where Home Instead comes in. 

At Home Instead Wandsworth, we understand that people would always rather be in familiar surroundings than in a hospice or residential care homes. That’s why all our services are based in the client’s home.

We keep our communities of Wandsworth, Lambeth, Dulwich and surrounding areas connected with loved ones by providing companionship care services using a team of kind companion Care Professionals. 

We want to give you peace of mind knowing that there is a dedicated carer you can count on to provide companionship and spend quality time with you or a loved one.

Companion care can improve a person’s mental health, quality of life and social life. All Home Instead Care Professionals are committed to providing compassionate and personalised companionship services for vulnerable people in their own homes.

Our caring staff can also accompany you or your loved one on social engagements. These include visits with friends, family, and other activities that bring joy, all while looking after medical conditions, medication management, and any personal care needs that may be required.

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At Home Instead Wandsworth, our companionship care services cover a wide range of activities, including non-medical services such as:

  • General companionship services and befriending to a care recipient
  • Conversation and accompaniment
  • Help with daily activities and domestic tasks like cleaning, laundry, cooking, and even sharing meals.
  • Companionship in activities of daily living and your favourite hobbies, providing social interaction.
  • Assistance with running errands and their weekly shop
  • Help with travel arrangements
  • Medication reminders and Arranging and attending medical appointments
  • Planning outings and visits
  • Going on walks & visiting attractions
  • Going to social groups or events
  • Help with arranging and attending social activities
  • Easy to use technology to keep connected with family and friends
  • Help with light housekeeping
  • Assisting with pet care such as walking and feeding
  • Creating memory books and life journals
  • Sharing stories and experiences
  • Enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of cake together
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According to AgeUK, over 2 million people in the UK over the age of 50 will feel lonely or isolated. Especially those suffering from medical conditions, chronic illness, mental illness, Injury or long term disabilities.

What makes Home Instead Wandsworth unique is that we provide compassionate care visits for a minimum of 1 hour. This is to ensure that a fantastic relationship is built between Care Professional and the client. We aim to make sure that you or your loved ones can lead happy, healthy and stimulating lives in the comfort of their own home or residence. We want to help provide the proper support while offering companionship.

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Keeping the Family Up-to-Date

We use an app to update all information from our home care visit, this includes;

  • How the visit went
  • What your loved one did
  • How they felt
  • What they ate
  • If they drank enough
  • and any other information we feel is important to share.

Family members can log in and instantly see how the visit went using a safe and secure portal that is only visible to the direct family upon request.

Using this portal has been a fantastic way of reassuring family members that their loved one is safe and their health and wellbeing is being monitored and looked after while they remain in their own home.

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Home Instead Wandsworth can help with:

  • Home Care Visits
  • Home Help
  • Daily tasks
  • Help with household tasks and light housekeeping
  • Medication Management
  • Personal Care
  • Live-in Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Overnight Care
  • Pet Care such as walking and feeding
  • Shopping
  • Appointments
  • Activities
  • Interacting with others
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Their Care Professional Will be a True Companion

Our Care Professionals are wonderful, kind-hearted people who go above and beyond to provide the best quality of care. They help keep our client’s safe, protected and smiling at all times.

With a live-in care service or dementia care service, a professional carer could be there to help a person with round the clock care if they should need help for any reason. 

This kind of 24-hour care is essential for people living with a medical condition like chronic illness and disabilities that can’t handle everyday tasks without assistance.

Everyday Activities Our Care Professionals Help With

Our office has a dedicated team of highly-trained professional carers who will come to visit you and make an activity plan that incorporates a broad range of mental and physical activities that you enjoy.

Activities can include:

  • Writing life journal
  • Puzzles
  • Listening to music
  • Easy painting
  • Armchair exercises
  • Creating memory books
  • Storytelling
  • Using technology

And much, much more

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Let Technology Be Your Friend

Now is the time to embrace technology. There are amazing and unique gadgets available that are simple to use and can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation associated with independent living.

For example, easy-to-use radios that are preprogrammed to your favourite music channels and handheld devices with one or two touches of your finger can connect you to your family or favourite quizzes and games.

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How Home Instead Wandsworth Can Help

Talking and listening is one of the most simple pleasures in life. Having a companion like a Care Professional with you is often a lifeline that provides a better quality of life for people in need of care and their families.

We aim to support people with a range of services that help them to live as happily and independently as possible, with dignity and respect. We will help encourage individuals to support themselves while motivating them to stay active and healthy for as long as possible while providing the best specialist care possible.

Companionship services in the comfort of your own home are a real alternative to residential care homes’ worries and care costs.

Our goal is to positively impact people’s lives by allowing them to live a happy and independent life at home.

We don’t just cater to elderly people. If you think you or someone you know could benefit from our companionship & befriending service, please get in touch today. We would be happy to advise you on the best solution available.

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