Working with Freddie's Flowers

Our most recent collaboration was with the wonderful Freddie’s Flowers!

We wanted to get gifts for our GPs to show them how much we appreciated all their continued hard work.Freddie was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was sympathetic to the cause, and his bouquets were beautiful. The GPs were utterly impressed and had huge smiling faces upon delivery.If you are looking for a reliable florist, then you should definitely consider working with Freddies Flowers. Their team consists of experienced, professional florists who can help you choose the right flowers for any occasion.

Who are Freddie’s Flowers?

Freddie’s parents were both florists and therefore practically grew up surrounded by flowers in the flower shop in London.Freddie’s mission is to help change people’s relationships with flowers. He doesn’t want you to just think that bouquets are only for special occasions. He wants you to fill your homes with gorgeous blooms all year round. To not only bring homes to life but to reap the mental benefits of flowers and make people feel more in touch with nature.He started making deliveries on a yellow milk float that broke down a lot and would often ground South London to a halt! Today they have a whole, friendly team delivering by bicycle and van.Freddie’s Flowers deliver beautiful boxes to your door, bursting with the freshest flowers, expertly curated.With no middlemen, your flowers arrive at your door straight from the growers. They work with growers seasonally to make sure they only source the best quality flowers for their customers.It’ll be your most exciting delivery of the weekLet Freddie’s beautiful creations brighten up your home, every week. Each week is different, so you’ll never have the same bouquet twice!As every week is different, you’re going to learn a lot about flowers. Including how to arrange them through the seasons.

Do people with dementia like flowers?

The presence of plants and flowers can have a potential healing effect for people with dementia. It can stimulate reminiscing, and provide peace and quiet to help to ease stress, anxiety, agitation, and pain.A beautiful bouquet could bring so much joy to your loved one, who is dealing with dementia and Freddie’s Flowers is the perfect florist to work with.

Home Instead Wandsworth Corporate Social Responsibility Beliefs

Home Instead Wandsworth, Lambeth & Dulwich is a leading provider of home care services in these areas. Our mission is to provide outstanding care at home to those who need it most. Everyone deserves access to the highest standards of care, regardless of their circumstances.But we also believe in giving back to the community and workers who support us in providing our outstanding services.