What we got up to this month at The Sunflower Cafe & The Butterfly Cafe

Dive into what we got up to this month!

Sunflower Cafe

At Sunflower Cafe Balham, a hub of creativity and connection, attendees recently had the pleasure of engaging in various enriching sessions. 

Art therapy, led by Sue, inspired participants to create unique frames using markers and arts and crafts materials. The joy of sticking and crafting their own work was evident, creating a sense of accomplishment and artistic expression.

Every other week, Caregiver Simone volunteers . This particular week she brought a collection of enjoyable board games, sparking laughter and camaraderie among the participants. 

Not only did it introduce the group to a range of fun board games, but it provided a delightful opportunity for social interaction and engagement.

Nail therapy sessions, conducted by Caregiver Angela, a former beauty therapist, offered gentle hand massages, stress relief, and expert nail care. The calming atmosphere, coupled with relaxing music, made it a truly rejuvenating experience for everyone involved.

Meanwhile, music therapy sessions with Dave and Rosemary provided an interactive experience!

Through breathing techniques, well-known songs, and creative movements, participants found joy in singing along, and dancing.

Butterfly Cafe

Over at Butterfly Cafe, patients from Kings College Hospital and members of the local community came together for a heartwarming choir session. 

Led by the Elephant and Castle choir, attendees sang familiar tunes, creating a harmonious atmosphere where everyone joined in the fun.

The Butterfly Cafe also hosts informative sessions. 

A dentistry talk from Kings Hospital doctors provided valuable insights into oral health, offering tips on maintaining clean teeth and discussing specialised one-to-one sessions for clients with dementia. 

The talk covered diet recommendations and tools to assist with brushing, and also addressing the concerns of carers

The creative spirit continued with pottery sessions led by Kemi, encouraging and showing everyone how to craft their own pots. 

Alongside this, representatives from the London Fire Service shared knowledge on keeping people with dementia independent and safe in their own home. Highlighting vital safety checks, including fire safety and hazard assessments.