What we got up to in November at our Cafes!

In the heart of the community, our cafes have been buzzing with vibrant energy during its recent sessions, offering a delightful mix of dance, history, art, and camaraderie.

The Butterfly Cafe at Kings College Hospital

Dancing Through Decades

The cafe hosted a lively session of a dance performance by spirited 70 and 80-year-olds.

From upbeat classics to modern tunes, the atmosphere was filled with joy as everyone, including the audience! 

Everyone joined in for a short workshop to learn some groovy dance moves. 

If you head to our socials you can see videos capturing these heartwarming moments that are a testament to the infectious enthusiasm that permeated the Butterfly Cafe that day.

Journey into History with Jenny

Jenny, from the Old Operating Museum, brought a unique perspective to the sessions. 

She shared intriguing insights into the medical practices of the 1800s. 

Engaging their senses, participants had the opportunity to explore scents of herbs like lavender, mint, and rose, then grind and create herbal bags that provided a sensory connection to historical practices.

And they all got to take their herbal bag home with them too!

The Sunflower Cafe - in Balham

Getting into the Festive Spirit!

Balham’s Sunflower Cafe offered a cosy setting for attendees to enjoy creating Christmas cards!

With an array of art resources at their fingertips the cards produced were beautiful! The informal atmosphere, tea and coffee, encouraged friendly conversations too. They all then got to take home their Christmas cards as cherished mementoes from the day or to give to someone for Christmas.

The Wallace Collection!

A visit from Kathy at the Wallace Collection from the Art Museum in Central London brought a touch of fine art to the cafe! 

Kathy is so well-versed in the world of art, that she was able to express views on various artworks which we all found utterly fascinating! 

The theme of the day was ‘hope,’ symbolised by rainbows. Attendees were invited to create their own rainbows or draw images representing new beginnings and hope.

Resulting in a colourful array of art.

Musical Moments by Rosemary and Dave

Rosemary and Dave orchestrated musical interludes that ranged from well-known old tunes to army songs in honour of Remembrance Day.

We learnt about breathing and joined in with some of the moves.

The session was particularly special as we all celebrated the birthday of caregiver Christine! We gave her flowers and cards, creating a warm and engaging atmosphere.

Bingo Bonanza

The day concluded with a fun-filled bingo session organised by caregiver Angela. 

There were so many prizes to win!

Excitement and joy filled the room as we won various prizes.

Everyone left with a smile on their face and a cherished memento from the Bingo session at the Cafe.