What happened this week at the Rose Cafe and the Sunflower Cafe?

This week, our attendees at the Rose Cafe enjoyed some therapeutic exercise sessions. These simple breathing and exercise techniques are perfect for helping to calm down and manage anxiety. Plus, the repetitive nature of the exercises makes them easy to learn, so that people can continue trying them at home. And of course, what exercise session would be complete without some fun songs to sing along to?

Meanwhile, over at the Sunflower Cafe, our attendees had a blast exploring the world of art with a visit from the Wallace Collection. They got to ask questions about the artwork, try on clothes from the portraits, and even draw their own versions of the paintings. It was a great way to start some fun conversations and learn more about the world of art.

Rose Cafe

Exercise Session

This week at the Rose Cafe, attendees participated in therapeutic exercise sessions designed to help calm down and alleviate anxiety.

As we age, we become more anxious. Many experience anxiety about retirement, finances, and other major life changes such as health diagnoses. All of these factors can contribute to increased anxiety levels as we age. And this is why exercise is important. Exercise has been shown to help reduce anxiety levels. It helps to improve our mood and can even help to improve our sleep.

The exercises in today’s session were performed in a chair and were relatively simple and repetitive. We love this because the routines were easy to learn so they could continue exercising at home.

To make the sessions even more fun and engaging, attendees were encouraged to sing songs with actions.

Songs with actions can be used in exercise sessions to add variety, increase engagement, and make the session more fun. Physical movements help to improve coordination, balance, and overall fitness. Additionally, singing can also serve as a form of distraction. Helping participants to focus less on the effort of the workout and more on the music and movements.

Overall, the exercise session was a hit! Even though some weren’t keen on exercising, the routines were something everyone could join in with. They weren’t strenuous and helped us bond.

Thank you Kemi Browne, our Community Engagement Officer for leading the session!

Sunflower Cafe - Wallace Collection Art Therapy

The Sunflower Cafe had a special guest this week – the Wallace Collection Art gallery in central London came in to talk to attendees about the artwork.

There were lots of fun conversation starters to open up discussions, such as ‘What does this remind you of?’, which got everyone talking and sharing their thoughts. It was really interesting to see how everyone interpreted the artwork in their own way, and it was great to see the gallery in a new light.

The attendees also got to try on outfits from what people were wearing in the portraits and then draw them, which was great fun. It was great to see smiling faces all around the room, and it was clear that everyone had a great time. 

Trying on historical clothing and looking at art can be beneficial for people with cognitive issues because it can provide a multi-sensory experience that can stimulate their minds and help improve their cognitive functioning. It can also help to engage their imagination, which can be particularly beneficial for people with memory problems or other cognitive impairments. Additionally, it can provide a sense of connection to the past, which can be comforting and help to improve their mood and overall well-being.

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