Together We're Unstoppable: Dementia Care

Exciting talks took place with organisations about dementia care in South London.

Teamwork in Dementia Care

Toby the chair of the Southward Dementia Action Alliance, Tracy Wells the Services Manager for Alzheimer’s Society Lambeth and Southwark, Jeff Porter who runs the Age UK Lewisham and Southwark office, and Tony from Home Instead Wandsworth, Lambeth & Dulwich gathered to talk about how they can continue to help each other tackle dementia care.

It was full of big, bold, and beautiful ideas for South London’s dementia community.

So, what happens when these powerhouses join forces? 


The Alzheimer’s Society brings its deep knowledge of dementia to the table, Age UK throws in all their services for the older adults, and Home Instead? They add a personal touch with in-home care that’s all about dignity and independence. 

Together, they’re not just solving problems; they’re building a better life for those living with dementia.

Alzheimer’s Society Lambeth and Southwark

“Our dementia support service is here to give you personalised help and advice face to face, over the phone or in writing. 

Depending on your needs, we can offer you information and signposting or ongoing support regardless of whether you are worried about your memory, have a diagnosis of dementia or are a carer, family or friend. 

Our expert team will listen, answer your questions, and connect you to the support you need.”

Age UK Lewisham and Southwark

“We exist to improve the lives of older people in the London Boroughs of Lewisham and Southwark, working towards a future in which older people are valued, safe and empowered to make choices about their lives.

Age UK Lewisham and Southwark aims to empower and enable older people to lead fulfilled lives by:

  • Providing services and support that address poverty and isolation
  • Protecting the human rights of local older people
  • Promoting health and wellbeing
  • Connecting older people with their communities
  • Working positively with partners across all sectors

We are passionate about delivering services that match our ethos and currently provide a wide variety of services ranging from complex care services to smaller projects.”

Real Impact, Real Stories

This isn’t just about organisations doing good things; it’s about real people. 

We’ve seen smiles return to faces that had forgotten how to smile, families breathing easier knowing their loved ones are in good hands, and a community coming together to say, “We’ve got your back.” 

These real people aren’t just heartwarming; they’re proof that when we work together, we can turn the tide on dementia.

“The care was easily arranged. My mother’s needs were understood. An excellent carer was matched with my mother, who had been apprehensive until she met the carer. The carer was kind, professional, reliable and got on well with my mother. My mother was fond of her and really appreciated her.”

What’s Next?

The hard work doesn’t stop here. With every success, they are thinking up new ways to bring even more light and laughter into the lives of those affected by dementia. 

This collaboration is more than a partnership; it’s a testament to what’s possible when we come together with a common goal. 

It’s not just about making lives better for those living with dementia; it’s about creating a model of care that’s as heartwarming as it is effective. 

When it comes to dementia care, together, we’re unstoppable.