The Sunflower Cafe Xmas Party!

There was so much laughter and Christmas spirit! Look below to view the photos!

It was such a brilliant party

We’re so happy everyone had a wonderful time

There was a total of 26 of us that went out for dinner at the Blue Fig restaurant in Balham.

The atmosphere was electric, everyone was smiling and talking

It was lovely to see Cafe regulars and Staff members all celebrating Christmas together!

We would like to say a massive thank you to Samer and his staff. They looked after us all so well, and the food was AMAZING!

Peter, a professional musician, sang us some Christmas songs beautifully. 

Peter’s singing was so good that we all got up and started dancing and joining in.

It was wonderful to see Nancy, Tony’s mother!

She brought in some homemade cakes which were a huge hit with everyone.

To round off an excellent time, Christmas presents were handed out at the end of the party.

Merry Christmas everyone! We look forward to what the Sunflower Cafe holds in 2024!