Grace Jones talks about Home Instead Senior Care Wandsworth

Grace has been a Home Instead Wandsworth, Lambeth and Dulwich client for the past 3 years and has loved and appreciated it the entire time.

Her Care Professional Christina will pop by to look after her during the day, which “is a joy!”.

Grace loves how friendly Christina is, how she takes care of her, and the smell of her cooking in the kitchen!

But ultimately, Grace loves the company Christina provides. If Christina didn’t visit, Grace would be alone until the family came home in the evening.

Grace has books, radio and TV to keep her busy and entertained, but nothing compares to real people coming – real people who care.

Grace appreciates the hard work Christina puts in and enjoys every moment of her visit.

“Christina has made the world of difference”

We asked Grace: Would you recommend Home Instead?

“I would recommend Home Instead, because first of all they understand the difficulties and understand what it means for people to be alone.

When they come, although I’m not worried about it (being alone), I can do it. I’m used to it, I’ve got books. But when they come I get a laugh out of things.

They know the sort of things that I need and they’re quick to support me. I’m  more than grateful to them. I really am.”